Before I begin, let me say that I am NOT an affiliate of Writers Work. I am a user, and I believe you will be one too if you’re really a writer.

Why did I join Writers Work?

For the past year, I’ve been freelancing for Writers Academy. This is a pretty amazing platform for people who are good at writing as well as for people who write once in a blue moon as the job offers provided aren’t very constant.  In the Writers Agency, there is no contact between the freelancer and the client on the other side.

The offer comes up, writers write and submits within the given deadline. The client approves it. The amount in Australian dollars is said to be “earned” where the payments are made every Friday through Paypal. Check more about Writers Academy on my review here.

This is fine for a short while but somewhere deep down, with this system in place, I felt like it’s being spoonfed to me. So to get a real experience of a person who writes to earn his daily food, I made a move. Hence, I decided to sign up for Writers Work.

Is it worth $47?

To start with the training and to get a dashboard with job offers and submissions coming in, they ask us to pay an amount. They provide two ways to pay that is we can either pay $15 every month or just make a one-time payment of $47. I don’t even see why someone would go for the monthly payments as it will obviously cost a lot more in the long run. Of course, provided that you benefit from it.

If you ask if it’s worth the amount, I say that it all depends on you. The training that they provide is no doubt great. The training is through a number of modules containing videos. At the initial, a book of about 100 pages is provided. Made for a writer who’s about to start out his career, it covers all aspects of freelancing writing.

As the website claims, it is true that the platform does function well with both, an experienced writer and a beginner. If you already are an experienced writer, then I’d say you’ll flourish very quickly if you work for it. But to a beginner, it surely is going to take a while. But if you really love to write, then it’s worth the amount and the effort.

The best part about the training

When I went through the training, I found that there was no beating around the bush. The most necessary things that a writer needs to know as a freelancer has been given… the kind of information that you don’t usually get by searching on Google.

The training guides on how to deal with clients. Starting from how to price your works to the best methods for payment from the clients. And also what can we do in a situation where the client doesn’t agree to pay.

Need a qualification for writing these gigs?

If you wish to sign up but are afraid that you don’t have any specific qualifications related to writing, there isn’t really much to worry about. As I said, efforts should be put in. Through the training, find yourself the best method to establish yourself as a writer.

As for me, I’ve got this website that you are currently in. This provides as a portfolio to the applications I fill up. And so far, I can say the results have been good as one company actually approved my application! And I don’t even have any qualifications apart from my 10th-grade certificate!

So don’t worry about the qualifications, move ahead!

What else does Writers Work offer?

Apart from the exclusive training which is definitely worth the initial investment and the job dashboard, they also provide their own document formatting editor (Something similar to Microsoft Word). This word processor is completely optimized for a full-time writer. It also provides an analysis of the words we type. This includes readability score, grade reading level and even the sentiment of the piece and so on.

The word processor is so optimized that they even provide some tunes people are used to such as the noise in a busy cafe! I found this pretty amusing at first, but it really does help if you write for a long period of time.

Apart from this, on the home page, a complete analysis of the work that we’ve done so far is displayed. This consists of the number of characters and words typed and the exact amount of time spent writing.

There are a few smaller things on the application such as reminders and task management. These may not be very handy at first. Explore them later. But as one prospers in the era of writing, then these small tools come to be very useful!


If you’re new to freelance writing, there really is nothing to worry about. Writers Work will guide you with the training. But your job is to work upon that! If you’ve made a decision to really get your fingers dirty, I don’t see what should be holding you back. Go ahead and check out!




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