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About Maddy…

Hey there, welcome to Maddy ‘s blog! 🙂

I’m an eighteen-year-old guy, “studying” in a Uni, who has an interest in various things, particularly music.

In the world outside, people don’t understand what I say because I speak way too fast and also in an unclear voice… or at least they act they as though they can’t understand as most become jealous over my accent. Well, sorry to you guys but I can’t change my accent and I DON’T  want to anyway.

Most of the times, it so happens that my views on certain things are peculiar, to be a more specific, broader oriented aspect. I have this habit of reading books of all types (excluding academical-related textbooks as I find them teaching nothing essential with respect to what I do) so I guess that has its effect.

There’s something new that I keep learning from time to time. There’s no “how” on finding something to learn, if I see something that interests me, I try to learn about it. So based on what I learn, I post articles on my blog page, Let’s talk.

I’ll be posting and updating this site once in a week or two. So stay tuned!