about madman

About Maddy…

Hey there, welcome to the Madman’s blog! :)

I’m an eighteen-year-old guy, “studying” in a Uni, who has interests in various things, particularly music… well travel too, because this is mainly a travel blog now (with a bit about writing).

In the world outside, people don’t understand what I say because I speak way too fast and also in an unclear voice… or at least they act as though they can’t understand. Not blowing my own trumpets here, but I’m said to have an accent. An accent that some guys envy one or the other way for no reason. Well, I can’t do anything about it.  There is no way I can change my it and I DON’T want to anyway (who’d want to?).

Well, anyway speaking about this site, this initially started out as a window to my thoughts. I would write about my perspectives on various things around me. However, apart from a couple of my friends, nobody read them. So I moved on to an era that’d actually get me readers- travel. I’ve been traveling a lot as a little kid. And I like to write. So writing about the places I’ve traveled to?

Not such a bad idea for a blog, you see? Well, I have also begun to write about writing itself more as I’ve had a lot of experience in it. How much experience, you ask? Let’s say… ever since I learned my A B C’s! I used to write comics with ugly hand-drawn pictures around them. Later I moved on to writing short stories that little to no sense – but they were stories alright. I even wrote a couple of books back in 9th grade with some actual plots planned.

When I showed these books to my dad, my dad asked me, “Did you copy it from a novel you read? Or is this all really yours?” It then hit me that I could actually write!

About the content

The following year (or probably the year after), I began this blog – 2018 to be specific. It is relatively new but it is actually a thing now… So speaking of content again, you’ll find stuff about travel, writing, and even short stories (these somehow turn out to be a little emotional) that I write from time to time ;). Apart from these, slowly I’ve been getting offers for guest posts recently… a lot if you ask me.

These are pretty nice as I get to know more about different introvert-ish bloggers in the deep world out there. If you’re reading this and if you feel you can share something on this blog, I welcome you too! But I’ve got my own rules that you’d need to follow for that, though. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Coming towards the end now, that would all explain a lot about me. If you by any chance wish to stay in touch, I can’t personally keep writing about myself to you. There isn’t much I can do. I’ve my own life to lead here. But what you can do is subscribe to this blog and you shall know whenever I’m up to something new recently. I just post a blog once every 5 days… or once a week if I’m too busy. Saying that you won’t find me spamming your inbox, just so you know. I am not trying to sell anything to anyone anyway.

So stay tuned! Abrupt ending*