“Accepting becomes difficult when you start expecting”


Looking at the present times, we see the people around us, no matter how well-to-do they are, they always want more. That’s alright, it’s human nature as the mystic, Sadhguru says, all we seek is boundlessness. Now, I’m not going to the part where he tells us about the path to experiencing boundlessness, because I haven’t reached there myself. All I’m saying is to accept what we have. Acceptance is a quality one should attain.

The reason why most people experience frustration, anger and depression is because of not being able to fulfill their expectations. Because life is not happening the way they want it. If you look at it from another perception, you might say that, “We have to expect in order to succeed, to achieve goals.” Well you may be right, but also learn to bend. Whatever it may be, if it doesn’t go right, learn to accept it and move on. But remember this, that it will make you stronger in one or the other way. When you start doing something with dedication, there will always be ups and downs. It depends on how you take it.

Fate and luck is not in your hands, the only thing remaining is the hard work. So do your best in what you want to do, dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to it. And whatever comes out of it, accept it.

I’m sure that if you’ve really put in all you’ve got, you’ll be the best in what you do.