Anger and Negativity

Aversion for even one person can guarantee a one-way ticket to hell.

-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


How often does one gnash his teeth? What does it take to get infuriated? Furthermore, how does one deal with it?

The mind, when keenly observed, gives an idea about how energy and emotions can relate to each other. Unlike machinery, which works when an electric current is supplied and the switch’s turned on, the human mind is way more complex.  Regrettably, most of us have no damn clue about the incredible capabilities of it (including me, I’m still on my way).

With maturity, one begins to see things the way they really are. When this happens, you’re on a higher platform with a much broader perception of everything around you. That’s when that thing one used to refer to as ‘negativity’ perishes.

Presuming that it went a little over someone’s head, let me come down to terms with it.

If you’re angry right now (I hope this page isn’t responsible for the stimulation of your anger) or whenever you might be, there are some things which I’d suggest you be reminded of:

If your mind’s messed up right now

  • Remember, this world that we live in, it’s a pretty small place. There are billions of stars in the sky, probably more. Nobody knows if this universe has an end to it, end of space. Now in this unfathomable place, there is a teeny tiny piece of particle known as the Earth. On that, you are evidently a negligible being. Now in this form as a human being, there is a part of you known as the mind.
  • Just because your tiny mind is messed up, you feel the entire world unpleasant. Is it not a shame, with so much beyond you, you’re stuck in your own illusions?
  • Keeping mortality in mind. The moment you realize you will die one day, there is no time for you to waste on your frustration, depression, melancholy and whatever unpleasantness it is. Live as if you would die tomorrow.

Introspecting negativity

People ask, “Why are you so happy?” There may be no reason for one to be happy, but unpleasantness always needs a bait. Even a small thing or a single person can fuel anger, negativity and so. This is why Ravi Shankar said that negativity towards even one person can bring you down. Either rise or stay, don’t try to pull someone down whether they’re right or wrong.

For most, anger is free. A smile is a seldom action. Be it attitude or whatever the reason is, the bitter truth is you’re closing yourself in. Neither do you love the behavior of people towards you nor do they like yours. So make yourself such a way that your smile is free and in abundance like the water in oceans and raise the price of your anger.


We all have various emotions for a reason. Otherwise, all of us would experience only one specific way. But for a complete experience of life, the way it is, these emotions exist. Certain times in our lives, particularly the downs, there are points when there is a need for these emotions.

An example, if a person comes to your home and starts taking everything that you love, probably killing your children, you would obviously kill him right there, isn’t it so? So there are limits to which a person can hold up. This is essential. You can’t go on saying everything is alright, these emotions are the ones that remind us of being human.




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