Asus Vivobook 15 x512 review: Elegance at a reasonable price

Asus Vivobook 15 x512

Let’s make some things clear here. The Asus Vivobook 15 x512 review that you’re about to go through is clearly through the user’s perspective. I’ve made some things clear about this model as I personally own one. And that’d be all… have a nice read. 😉 Main features to be noted: The Asus Vivobook 15 …

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Sati System in India

A bit of an intro here- I usually don’t write on these sorts of topics anymore. I mean- who talks about Sati System in India these days? But let’s just consider it a bonus. So here’s how it went one sort-of-soothing day in college. For some reason, I don’t particularly remember what, but my English …

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Reva: Freshers’ day and Guitar Shows

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Disclaimer: This blog does neither promote nor degrade any Institution. This is a personal blog. These all are personal experiences and shouldn’t be taken into consideration as a point about any particular organization… let’s roll with it.  Let’s make a Band! Here was what I actually planned before joining a Uni: 1. Just lay low for …

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Hostel Life experience- Reva University

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There are probably going to be more of these hostel articles from now onwards as truth be told: I’m a blogger who’s into an Engineering College. Furthermore, I don’t mind spilling the fact that I’ll be sticking around in Reva University, Bangalore (or Bengaluru) for the next four years… probably. I won’t elaborate much about …

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Meeting Old friends

Warning: Slightly mature content Whenever I get a long vacation for a month or more, I usually fly to Batam Riau, Indonesia. I mean, I could’ve flown any other place with exotic air- even Vegas(a different sort of ‘exotic’ though). But you see, my family stays in Indonesia. I travel there mostly to visit my …

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Explicit Men’s Hairstyle Tips …ft. Athrey Agni

Another collaboration with the man of style here- Athrey Agnihotri (that links to his Insta profile)! Last time we focused more on the men’s clothing aspect didn’t we? Well, let’s turn up a couple more pages of the fashion book today… to the Men’s hairstyle tips. Guessing that you’re of great significance (no worries- all …

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