Story 2: Speech and Debate

This particular…piece was suggested by a friend of mine. Let’s call this guy, the hamster, who turned out to be my partner for the debate (the one you’re about to read). On the account of Independence Day, we had a speech competition and debate competition. The hamster and I decided to sign up for the […]

Story- How my after-midterm party plans went downhill…

Maddy tells us a story of how the plans made for a get-together with all his beloved friends went downhill. Listen to this inspirational…

Mind: How and Why I Smile

The human mind is certainly a strange thing, but it is the one thing that a person can control.

Indian Cuisine

The Indian cuisine, like its country’s diversity, is found to have astoundingly wide varieties that differ from region to region. Here, in this country, the cuisine changes a little or more for at least every hundred miles that you drive from one location if I am not exaggerating. So one can imagine about the diversity […]

Blog with WordPress CMS

Difference between and WordPress cms and a few tips on using WordPress, Gutenberg review

Which comes first, nationalism or humanism?

It does make you think for a while when something like this is asked to you, doesn’t it? If we look at this deeply, we’ll come to a point either saying, “Nationalism is anti-humanism” or “Humanism is anti-nationalism”. So here lies the question, nationalism or humanism. We celebrated Independence Day recently, that happens to be […]

How to paint a wall?

Let me begin by saying that I’m NOT a professional painter, but I do have a lot of interest in painting walls, and I HAVE painted walls. So I guess I can say I do know how to paint. One of my friend from college is pretty much into this kind of stuff. Stuff like […]

Do aliens exist?

Aliens…This might seem as an absurd topic to write on after writing so much on philosophical aspects, but I personally thought it would be a little fun to write on something interesting to talk about (I hope that makes sense!). Aliens…This world, as we know it, is pretty much bigger than our imaginations. Not only […]

Being strict with yourself: Boon or bane

It has been some time since I posted on something. I had a couple of ideas to write on, but a few days ago, in one of my computer classes, the teacher asked us, “Is being strict on yourself a boon or a bane?” He asked us to make some points on it. I decided […]

Benefits of music

“Make music a partĀ of your life, so that a part of you always stays alive” They say that music has the power to trigger our emotions for a short period of time, and this is very much true. By saying making music a part of one’s life, it can refer to both, the person who […]