Hi there! I'm a 19-year-old dude who loves to travel. Well, still too young for that, but I travel around whenever I get a chance- and I never miss out writing on any of 'em! Being experienced in the writing world, I also write reviews of writing agencies and companies.


The Cozy Ombak Putih Bungalows

Ombak putih, bali travel blog

The place that we’d booked in to crash for the nights on our Bali trip was Ombak Putih Bungalows. I don’t think there could have been a better homely place this one, honestly no! If you’re visiting Bali, I would recommend this place to stay… and I’m not even affiliating here. It’s just a choice. …

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What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting

Sure, you will come across this numerous times in the writing business. Sometimes, it can even get a little confusing to understand why do people do this. Let me make this simple for you and help you understand what is guest posting. Firstly, starting with the basic confusion, both the terms- guest posting and guest …

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Sati System in India

A bit of an intro here- I usually don’t write on these sorts of topics anymore. I mean- who talks about Sati System in India these days? But let’s just consider it a bonus. So here’s how it went one sort-of-soothing day in college. For some reason, I don’t particularly remember what, but my English …

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