Loosening up at a Beach in Indonesia

nuvasa bay, batam
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If you think for a moment about the title and decide it’s a not-cool title… you are absolutely right- it’s not cool. Because for a fact, I really did nothing ‘cool’ at the beach. Don’t worry, I ain’t a spoiler. Let’s hop right to it.

We drove out to the beach, Nuvasa Bay– one of the new resorts in Batam Riau, Indonesia. The resort, I’m sure, is pretty full of fun activities from banana boat rides to zip lines. Here I’ll share what I did out of all these activities. I had actually done a lot of banana boat riding before so I decided I would go for a 4×4 squad bike riding…

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I must say, the beach was unquestionably well-maintained and it did have a spectacular view around. Since there were so many activities to choose from and we still had a long day, we decided we’ll just get ourselves entrance passes to the beach. We decided we would think of the activities later. Entering it, we tried to find a spot to settle down on the warm sand.

By ‘we’- I mean mum, dad and myself. My little brother, however, was already prancing around at tips of the waves that hit the shore. I stared at him. He had his little swimming suit on and had a water gun in his hand. We finally got a spot with a modest hammock and settled down for it. I’d brought the guitar along too.

Music, Me and the Tree

You see, music is all about enjoying the moment, getting involved with it, feeling it… it’s also about grabbing attention from people, getting girls… ahem, enjoying the moment is what’s important here. I played a couple of songs facing the breathing waves. I sang the songs to myself as no one came around. Then I got bored with it and looked around for something more interesting to do.

Behind me, I found a tree with a fixed ladder to it. I looked up. It seemed to be over four floors high and on the top was sort of a platform out of wooden planks.

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I looked around. No one.

I went to the tree and started to climb up. I mean, how dangerous could it be? Unfortunately, I found the answer to it when I stepped over the last rung onto the wooden platform. The platform had no safety around. What was fortunate was the view from up there… it was breathtaking.

Yeah, the picture sure is amazing. I took that lying down on my stomach, afraid my balance would give away. By the time, I took the shots, I was sweating worse than a pig. With great difficulty, I managed to somehow make it down to the ground alive.

HOTD- Highlight of the day

That next activity I got myself in was the highlight of the day- I slept. Not my fault! (“Phaaltu ni!” she says) Imagine yourself in my place- a nice hammock, warm air, and a filmy breeze under a tree. If I’d slept for just a while and that would have been acceptable. However, I slept for the rest of our stay on the beach.

My dad enjoyed playing the guitar during this period… and mum enjoyed taking pictures of me sleeping like the one below. You know what my brother was doing. And that was how we spent the weekend at the beach :)

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When we were on our way back, I smiled. I had come all the way to a beach- a resort- and I never touched the damn water! Facing out, I looked out the car window.

I thought to myself, Now that’s a vacation worth sharing.

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