Being strict with yourself: Boon or bane

It has been some time since I posted on something. I had a couple of ideas to write on, but a few days ago, in one of my computer classes, the teacher asked us, “Is being strict on yourself a boon or a bane?” He asked us to make some points on it. I decided that was it. This is going to the topic of my next post.

First, let’s understand what the topic is about. It’s about whether being strict or completely disciplined is a proper way to lead our lives or not. The ones who usually are disciplined are the ones who have that urge to reach somewhere, to be successful. And quite often, they do go where they dreamt of going.

When one is strict with oneself, he or she doesn’t allow his/her emotions to turn into actions. There is no turning left or right. If something has to be done at a particular time, nothing will be able to stop this person from doing it. If these type of people get pleasure in what they do, then who is there to stop them anyway?

The ones who made it to the top

We’ve all seen the legends in the world who reached the top, the ones who achieved their wildest dreams through their determination and an unchangeable mindset. Of course, they all have had that moment of pride and experienced that feeling of being on top of the world’. They get this feeling because they’ve struggled days and nights and stuck to a routine probably for years to achieve something. One such example of a person is Steve Jobs who used to be a fruitarian, only because he thought sitting down somewhere for a meal would waste his time. 

Ultimately, what is the point of being successful? A person is said to be successful when he/she is satisfied with their life and happy to live it.

So I personally don’t think we should try to walk in the path only because it takes us to a better place. We should walk on the path because we love to walk on it and the destination will arrive on its own. This should be the way an ideal person thinks. 

There’s another way of seeing life apart from this, which makes whatever I just said, very contradictory.

Let me tell you a story which I can relate to for this:

There was a poor man who was fishing in a lake nearby to his home when another man came and sat beside him. The man asked the poor guy, “Do you sell the fish that you catch here?”

The guy replied, “No, I catch the fish for my own meal.” The man, who was educated, started telling the guy about what he could do. He told he could start a business of his own, and that he could have people working under him. He told him he could be successful in this business. The poor guy asked, “Well what next after I become successful?” and the man replied, “You shall live blissfully, sometimes come fishing for relaxing and live happily.”

The poor guy just said, “Well, that’s what I’m doing right now.” The man became silent.

So moral of the story: How much ever we think we’ll go ahead, at a particular time, we’ll realize that we’ve come back to the same spot as the beginning. 

Do not take life very seriously. Enjoy it. No matter how big the responsibilities seem in your hand, if you die tomorrow, the world will go on without stopping. Everything will go on fine. Maybe the ones who loved and cared for you will have some hard time, but it too will pass. Time will heal them too gradually. So take a life a little easy. 

Based on these thoughts of mine, I neither take life very seriously nor am I completely careless about it. There are some things which I take seriously and some things I don’t. I am completely fine with it and you probably should be too!

Speaking of taking life seriously, I take learning very seriously but seriously in such a way that I enjoy it. Looking at it deeply, I found that learning really does help us a lot.



Hi there! I'm an 18-year-old dude who loves to travel. Well, still too young for that, but I travel around whenever I get a chance- and I never miss out writing on any of 'em! Being experienced in the writing world, I also write reviews of writing agencies and companies.

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    Hi Manas,

    A very nice piece of message out there. An elevated level of perspective at such a young age.
    Keep exploring, delivering more and more such bits & pieces of knowledgeable short writings to the world around.

    warm regards

    1. Maddy

      Thanks! Yes, i will be writing once in a while..please suggest any topic that’s interests you, I might write on it.

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    Great writing manas keep writing more stuff you are good at this as you mentioned in the last paragraph even i do the same in life !!

    All the best bro keep rocking as always !!

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