Best Hippie Places in India! (A perspective)

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Best Hippie Places in India: The last time I wrote about hippies and their own ways of living in the 60s; sure their movement didn’t last long. But to date, they have their own spots all over the world that are known for them.

Some of them turned out to be in India. If you’re living in India, you’d name a few of them around you in your state, there are just so many! One, for example, I live in Karnataka. And when you ask someone about hippies here, they’ll be sure to talk about Goa and Hampi. For they are great cities to find hippies.

These spots just aren’t random cities, they’re very popular attractions for tourists. This gets us to a point: Popular cities in India that attract tourists from all over, and places that you can find on National Geography like the Ganga passing through Varanasi, also tend to be popular hippie spots.  

So when you’re standing by a world landmark like the Taj Mahal, you’re bound to find them. Conditions apply – when you find them everywhere you go, you’re bound to be one yourself actually.

Popular Hippie Spots in India

There’s a whole background story when it comes to the hippie trail and their coming to India, read more on Wikipedia. But times change and they’re all dispersed in various different parts of the country.

Although you can find thousands of places, sometimes even very remote places, here are some of the most-known spots to find hippies in India.

  1. Goa
  2. Hampi
  3. Ganga, Varanasi
  4. Kasar Devi
  5. Manali
  6. Gokarna
  7. Vattakanal
  8. More places in India

Let’s start away with the ones that I know best.

Goa, Beaches, Drinks

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If there’s one place that we all know in India for the beaches, it’s Goa. Obviously, a great spot for hippies as well. After all, the environment of crazy nights, beautiful sunsets, being away from the hustle-and-bustle, all makes it more exciting. 

While the hippie trail still exists today here, it’s much different now compared to the 80s. According to this article in The New York Times, Goa tourism has come a long way since with complete change in the market. 

The market, back then, had the barter system for the hippies living by. As the regulations interfered with the businesses and the tax system became more rigid, the foreign hippie living trail has been dying. Today, Goa is more of a sweet spot for the people in India, ideal for a vacation not too distant and nor too expensive. 

But hey, that’s another story. Goa is still an amazing city for judgment-free living and beers, just as the hippies like!

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Hampi: Hippie Island

Hippie Island is one more spot for Hippies in Hampi. However, for the Hippie trail, there are tons of international restaurants (more than the local ones) and a number of places where you’ll find Teepees with drums playing. So this is definitely a must-visit spot when it comes to finding hippies.

Now, hippie island, also known as Virapapur Gadde, is a great spot to reside in during your stay. It takes a boat ride as it really is a water body away. I haven’t been there myself, but here’s an article that can help you if you’re thinking of visiting Hippie Island in Hampi.

Ganga – Varanasi

varanasi, best hippie places in india
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Not only is the Ganga amazing for its extremely well-known culture and the holy river, but it’s also great for finding hippies! In fact, if you’re looking to capture some amazing pictures of hippies by the river – or if you’re a hippie yourself looking forward to meditating by the river, Varanasi would be perfect for it all.

The saints with endless beards, beautiful boats, and colorful evenings make all the fantasy come to life!

If you’re planning to visit Varanasi, here’s a map from to help you out with your stay for the best prices:

Other Places to check out

The above places are some that I know well about when it comes to hippies. Fortunately for you, there are way more spots. Considering that I’m a hippie myself. Well sort of (I look like one already now), I have places to go to right now! So here are some of the other places to go to before I leave:

  • Himalaya: Kasar Devi
  • Manali
  • Gokarna
  • Vattakanal
  • Himachal Pradesh – Kasol
  • Kerala – Varkala

This post is proofread by Grammarly. If you’re into writing blogs like me, Grammarly is a must-use tool when it comes to enhancing one’s writing! Start out anyway, it’s free, to begin with.

These are the ones that I know of. There are tons of other small places. Feel free to comment below on some other spots you have in mind. The point is, there isn’t an end when it comes to the hippie trail. These can be some of the best hippie places in India from my perspective, the ones well-heard of. 

But when I tour some villages about 10 or so kilometers from here, some pretty remote areas, I found hippies there as well. So as long as you find yourself free to share your opinions without being judged, free to live by your own ways and terms, I say that’s a great hippie spot!

That’s what I think of the lost but living hippie culture – thank you :)

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