Looking at the education in India, “Can we do any better?”

This burning topic of the present times was suggested by my father and I found it a very debatable one, so I thought I would write on it.

There is no question of the number of new things we learn in schools and pre-university colleges. It sounds amazing and pretty fascinating too. I really admire that part of the present education system.

But the question comes here. Whatever we learn, is it applicable to the day to day activities? It may be up to a slight extent but ultimately, no. Moreover, I’ve been going through this system for quite some years now, and I’ve observed, that whatever we learn, we learn it not for the sake of knowledge but from the examination point of view. It so happens that within a short period of time, after the examinations, the majority of students forget what they’d learned. Here comes another question. Whatever we learn, will we remember it for a long span of time?

For this question, back in 8th grade, we had a chapter about tissues in science. One important word that I had been hearing throughout the chapter was ‘Parenchyma’. So I decided to test my dad. I was talking over the phone one night and I asked, “What is parenchyma?” and I didn’t get an answer to that. My father used to tell me biology was an interesting subject, so I found it strange that he didn’t remember. It doesn’t really matter because he took up his career as a mechanical engineer.

Back to the topic. So based on this incident, the answer to the previous question again is, unfortunately(or fortunately) no.

So let me bring it together. We are following an education system that is neither applicable to our daily life nor do we remember what we learn. Now I leave it to you to make a decision on the existing system.

Now let’s say we made a decision to change the current education system, the next question is, how would I change it? I feel the answer isn’t too difficult.

If we look back about 5000 years back or lesser, we all know the rich culture we had. We followed the Gurukul system of education in those times. The Gurukul system was where the students would go and stay and where they taught how to really lead life. They taught the basics, right from cooking and further on. Till then, everything was fine, or might I say, almost perfect.

When the Europeans came in, that’s when everything started going downhill. They saw the potential of the Gurukul system. So when they started ruling, one f the first thing they did was to remove that education system and replace it with their education system which would be beneficial for their use in the future. And so it went on for a few centuries, then we became an independent nation.

Now, till today, our present education system still has the western influence over it. The system that we have today doesn’t develop a better human but develops an efficient working machine and nothing more.

This should have been changed decades ago, but it hasn’t. But it isn’t too late either, we can still change it.