Manas Patil, Madman's Journey

A Strange kid’s photoshoot

Oh, trust me. The investment for this photoshoot was not even cheap- it was free. In the background… The Chicken: Son of a B****, you’re actually supposed to pay me. Koala (me): You should always help your friends… but shouldn’t expect anything in return, bro. That’s life. Chicken: Go f*ck yourself ….Back on track- Anyway, […]

Learning Something New

“I’m still learning”  – Michelangelo, Age 87 There is a whole science to why people still learn. The days in school aren’t the only learning days in a person’s life. Learning in school when we put it bluntly is to ‘fit in the society’ or ‘get a damn job’. Learning is a never-ending process. Pleasure […]

Complete Men’s Style Guide // Discrete wear tips

All that you’re about to read, is a collaboration with Athrey Agnihotri. The man awarded on a memorable occasion for his outstanding outfit and uniqueness. There seems to be so less when you look at men’s fashion, but yet there is so much to it! Some are ignorant, but we know they’ll come around one […]

Love and relationships

Here’s to the most out of place writing in collaboration with an old companion of mine, the dolphin. Before we begin, let me tell you something. All the alphabets below do not come together to form facts. These are introspections from our own perceptions (mine and dolphin’s). Did the sentences above bounce over your head? […]

What should be highlighted on media? – A controversy

A peaceful night and I was sitting outside my house, enjoying the breeze. I was going through the stories on Instagram when I came upon one particularly interesting, posted by a girl namedApoorva Mishra. It was a picture of a small part of The Times Of India newspaper and on the sides, she had typed […]


Giving voice to Love Handles

Let us first have a look at what love handles are. These are the fats residing on the sides of the waist. Unlike the cute name that’s given to this part of a vaguely chubby body, there is nothing pretty about having it. But looking at it from an expansive aspect, many people around us (probably […]



“Do not look up to anyone, do not look down at anyone” -Sadhguru So this girl… let’s call her “X” this time, came up to me, probably for the first time and said, “You’re good.” I didn’t get it. “What do you mean I’m good?” “You know, a lot around say things about you, not […]

Mind: How and Why I Smile

The human mind is certainly a strange thing, but it is the one thing that a person can control.

Indian Cuisine

The Indian cuisine, like its country’s diversity, is found to have astoundingly wide varieties that differ from region to region. Here, in this country, the cuisine changes a little or more for at least every hundred miles that you drive from one location if I am not exaggerating. So one can imagine about the diversity […]

How to paint a wall?

Let me begin by saying that I’m NOT a professional painter, but I do have a lot of interest in painting walls, and I HAVE painted walls. So I guess I can say I do know how to paint. One of my friend from college is pretty much into this kind of stuff. Stuff like […]