Though Maddy may be only 17 and pretty dumb at various circumstances, he always proceeds through all the heavens and hells with a smile. Many find this pretty baffling.

Some find his ever-smiling face creepy and keep their distance from him for safety reasons and some envy about the way he handles emotions through tough times. (Of course, they do NOT know everything)

On the other hand, most of the people around can’t help but wonder about this. So Maddy decides to talk about it. He explains various emotions and the way should really be through these works of his. Go ahead and take a look! You might find just what you’re looking for.

Hostel Life experience- Reva University

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There are probably going to be more of these hostel articles from now onwards as truth be told: I’m a blogger who’s into an Engineering College. Furthermore, I don’t mind spilling the fact that I’ll be sticking around in Reva University, Bangalore (or Bengaluru) for the next four years… probably. I won’t elaborate much about …

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Explicit Men’s Hairstyle Tips …ft. Athrey Agni

Another collaboration with the man of style here- Athrey Agnihotri (that links to his Insta profile)! Last time we focused more on the men’s clothing aspect didn’t we? Well, let’s turn up a couple more pages of the fashion book today… to the Men’s hairstyle tips. Guessing that you’re of great significance (no worries- all …

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Learning Something New

“I’m still learning”  – Michelangelo, Age 87 There is a whole science to why people still learn. The days in school aren’t the only learning days in a person’s life. Learning in school when we put it bluntly is to ‘fit in the society’ or ‘get a damn job’. Learning is a never-ending process. Pleasure …

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