Being strict with yourself: Boon or bane

It has been some time since I posted on something. I had a couple of ideas to write on, but a few days ago, in one of my computer classes, the teacher asked us, “Is being strict on yourself a boon or a bane?” He asked us to make some points on it. I decided […]

Benefits of music

“Make music a part of your life, so that a part of you always stays alive” They say that music has the power to trigger our emotions for a short period of time, and this is very much true. By saying making music a part of one’s life, it can refer to both, the person who […]

Writing on Travelista Club

“Getting my article published on Travelista Club for the first time” Things to do in Indonesia, Batam Riau My blog got approved recently by Writers Agency, which I found through the Travelista Club. I had been thinking for quite a while, wondering on which place should I write on. Then I went through the articles […]

Can the system of education in India improvise?

Looking at the education in India, “Can we do any better?” This burning topic of the present times was suggested by my father and I found it a very debatable one, so I thought I would write on it. There is no question of the number of new things we learn in schools and pre-university […]

What should I really read?

  “Books shape the minds of the youth” I decided to write about this because there are people around me who do appreciate me for the fact that I have a habit of reading books, but there are also others who don’t appreciate the category of books that I read. As I’ve mentioned in the […]

To the ones who can’t cook..

  “Consider… that you alone exist… that you are one wealthy person… but you can’t prepare for yourself… thus you shall still perish” This particular topic was suggested by my grandpa. I found it interesting and pretty much relatable to the world I live in, most probably yours too. We live in a world which […]


  “Accepting becomes difficult when you start expecting”   Looking at the present times, we see the people around us, no matter how well-to-do they are, they always want more. That’s alright, it’s human nature as the mystic, Sadhguru says, all we seek is boundlessness. Now, I’m not going to the part where he tells […]

Swimming as a sport

“Work out, not only to make yourself look good, but also to feel good” I’ve never been very concerned about my body fitness until recently. Probably it started because of my age. I’ll be actually turning 17 by next month. I used to jog  occasionally before in order to reduce my belly. But a couple […]