Though Maddy may be only 17 and pretty dumb at various circumstances, he always proceeds through all the heavens and hells with a smile. Many find this pretty baffling.

Some find his ever-smiling face creepy and keep their distance from him for safety reasons and some envy about the way he handles emotions through tough times. (Of course, they do NOT know everything)

On the other hand, most of the people around can’t help but wonder about this. So Maddy decides to talk about it. He explains various emotions and the way should really be through these works of his. Go ahead and take a look! You might find just what you’re looking for.

Love and relationships

Here’s to the most out of place writing in collaboration with an old companion of mine, the dolphin. Before we begin, let me tell you something. All the alphabets below do not come together to form facts. These are introspections from our own perceptions (mine and dolphin’s). Did the sentences above bounce over your head? …

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Indian Cuisine

The Indian cuisine, like its country’s diversity, is found to have astoundingly wide varieties that differ from region to region. Here, in this country, the cuisine changes a little or more for at least every hundred miles that you drive from one location if I am not exaggerating. So one can imagine about the diversity …

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  “Accepting becomes difficult when you start expecting”   Looking at the present times, we see the people around us, no matter how well-to-do they are, they always want more. That’s alright, it’s human nature as the mystic, Sadhguru says, all we seek is boundlessness. Now, I’m not going to the part where he tells …

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Swimming as a sport

“Work out, not only to make yourself look good, but also to feel good” I’ve never been very concerned about my body fitness until recently. Probably it started because of my age. I’ll be actually turning 17 by next month. I used to jog  occasionally before in order to reduce my belly. But a couple …

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