Though Maddy may be only 17 and pretty dumb at various circumstances, he always proceeds through all the heavens and hells with a smile. Many find this pretty baffling.

Some find his ever-smiling face creepy and keep their distance from him for safety reasons and some envy about the way he handles emotions through tough times. (Of course, they do NOT know everything)

On the other hand, most of the people around can’t help but wonder about this. So Maddy decides to talk about it. He explains various emotions and the way should really be through these works of his. Go ahead and take a look! You might find just what you’re looking for.

Sati System in India

A bit of an intro here- I usually don’t write on these sorts of topics anymore. I mean- who talks about Sati System in India these days? But let’s just consider it a bonus. So here’s how it went one sort-of-soothing day in college. For some reason, I don’t particularly remember what, but my English …

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Sponge and Old People

If the title sounds a little odd, that’s fine. The purpose of calling it ‘Sponge and Old People’ is to give a cuddly feeling to the old timers out there. I’m sure some of you out there don’t have any ‘cuddly’ experiences with an old man and a stick. Let’s just keep that out for …

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Love and relationships

Here’s to the most out of place writing in collaboration with an old companion of mine, the dolphin. Before we begin, let me tell you something. All the alphabets below do not come together to form facts. These are introspections from our own perceptions (mine and dolphin’s). Did the sentences above bounce over your head? …

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Anger and Negativity

Aversion for even one person can guarantee a one-way ticket to hell. -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar   How often does one gnash his teeth? What does it take to get infuriated? Furthermore, how does one deal with it? The mind, when keenly observed, gives an idea about how energy and emotions can relate to each …

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Which comes first, nationalism or humanism?

It does make you think for a while when something like this is asked to you, doesn’t it? If we look at this deeply, we’ll come to a point either saying, “Nationalism is anti-humanism” or “Humanism is anti-nationalism”. So here lies the question, nationalism or humanism. We celebrated Independence Day recently, that happens to be …

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