The Secret Lives of the Khotes’

Families are said to be a ‘family’ when people in it look after each other and take care of each others’ needs. That is all why families are formed for. To support one another and move on. But when people forget this and man’s cruelty rules over, then it makes a mess out of it. […]

Sponge and Old People

If the title sounds a little odd, that’s fine. The purpose of calling it ‘Sponge and Old People’ is to give a cuddly feeling to the old timers out there. I’m sure some of you out there don’t have any ‘cuddly’ experiences with an old man and a stick. Let’s just keep that out for […]

Love and relationships

Here’s to the most out of place writing in collaboration with an old companion of mine, the dolphin. Before we begin, let me tell you something. All the alphabets below do not come together to form facts. These are introspections from our own perceptions (mine and dolphin’s). Did the sentences above bounce over your head? […]

What should be highlighted on media? – A controversy

A peaceful night and I was sitting outside my house, enjoying the breeze. I was going through the stories on Instagram when I came upon one particularly interesting, posted by a girl namedApoorva Mishra. It was a picture of a small part of The Times Of India newspaper and on the sides, she had typed […]


Getting motivated: A tragic waste of time

  Life lets us ask for what we want, but gives us only what we deserve. First, let me clear some things up. After reading this article don’t expect yourself to be motivated and start working rigorously in such a way that you’ll succeed by tomorrow. (Don’t worry, even I expect that… but there’s no […]

Anger and Negativity

Aversion for even one person can guarantee a one-way ticket to hell. -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar   How often does one gnash his teeth? What does it take to get infuriated? Furthermore, how does one deal with it? The mind, when keenly observed, gives an idea about how energy and emotions can relate to each […]



“Do not look up to anyone, do not look down at anyone” -Sadhguru So this girl… let’s call her “X” this time, came up to me, probably for the first time and said, “You’re good.” I didn’t get it. “What do you mean I’m good?” “You know, a lot around say things about you, not […]

Mind: How and Why I Smile

The human mind is certainly a strange thing, but it is the one thing that a person can control.

Which comes first, nationalism or humanism?

It does make you think for a while when something like this is asked to you, doesn’t it? If we look at this deeply, we’ll come to a point either saying, “Nationalism is anti-humanism” or “Humanism is anti-nationalism”. So here lies the question, nationalism or humanism. We celebrated Independence Day recently, that happens to be […]

Do aliens exist?

Aliens…This might seem as an absurd topic to write on after writing so much on philosophical aspects, but I personally thought it would be a little fun to write on something interesting to talk about (I hope that makes sense!). Aliens…This world, as we know it, is pretty much bigger than our imaginations. Not only […]