Though Maddy may be only 17 and pretty dumb at various circumstances, he always proceeds through all the heavens and hells with a smile. Many find this pretty baffling.

Some find his ever-smiling face creepy and keep their distance from him for safety reasons and some envy about the way he handles emotions through tough times. (Of course, they do NOT know everything)

On the other hand, most of the people around can’t help but wonder about this. So Maddy decides to talk about it. He explains various emotions and the way should really be through these works of his. Go ahead and take a look! You might find just what you’re looking for.

Corruption…not politics

  “Birth of a corrupt mind can take place at any time, make sure you kill it before everything turns out, not so fine”   This topic was suggested by a friend of mine. I don’t know if that friend meant it in the perception of politics, but I am NOT going to be particularly writing …

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  “Accepting becomes difficult when you start expecting”   Looking at the present times, we see the people around us, no matter how well-to-do they are, they always want more. That’s alright, it’s human nature as the mystic, Sadhguru says, all we seek is boundlessness. Now, I’m not going to the part where he tells …

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