Maddy, a kid with very strange perceptions of the things around him (according to people) has made a separate division named Storytime.

He tells stories that are pretty simple and down to Earth in perspectives in which upon hearing, you’ll cry till death! (Not literally… unfortunately)

To the newest readers: A piece of advice before you begin reading… read from the 1st story. It would be easier for you if you get to know about all the animals in the stories first… yes I said, animals!

Now go!

Reva: Freshers’ day and Guitar Shows

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Disclaimer: This blog does neither promote nor degrade any Institution. This is a personal blog. These all are personal experiences and shouldn’t be taken into consideration as a point about any particular organization… let’s roll with it.  Let’s make a Band! Here was what I actually planned before joining a Uni: 1. Just lay low for …

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Hostel Life experience- Reva University

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There are probably going to be more of these hostel articles from now onwards as truth be told: I’m a blogger who’s into an Engineering College. Furthermore, I don’t mind spilling the fact that I’ll be sticking around in Reva University, Bangalore (or Bengaluru) for the next four years… probably. I won’t elaborate much about …

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