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Story 3: Sports Day

Before I begin this story on sports, I would like to make some things clear. These stories are real, only to a small extent. So far, I have not mentioned anyone’s name and I won’t. I do this to avoid controversies among people who have no better work to do than comment behind others backs.  […]

Story 2: Speech and Debate

This particular…piece was suggested by a friend of mine. Let’s call this guy, the hamster, who turned out to be my partner for the debate (the one you’re about to read). On the account of Independence Day, we had a speech competition and debate competition. The hamster and I decided to sign up for the […]

Story- How my after-midterm party plans went downhill…

Maddy tells us a story of how the plans made for a get-together with all his beloved friends went downhill. Listen to this inspirational…