Maddy, a kid with very strange perceptions of the things around him (according to people) has made a separate division named Storytime.

He tells stories that are pretty simple and down to Earth in perspectives in which upon hearing, you’ll cry till death! (Not literally… unfortunately)

To the newest readers: A piece of advice before you begin reading… read from the 1st story. It would be easier for you if you get to know about all the animals in the stories first… yes I said, animals!

Now go!

Meeting Old friends

Warning: Slightly mature content Whenever I get a long vacation for a month or more, I usually fly to Batam Riau, Indonesia. I mean, I could’ve flown any other place with exotic air- even Vegas(a different sort of ‘exotic’ though). But you see, my family stays in Indonesia. I travel there mostly to visit my …

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Crazy Dandeli travel blog

dandeli, madman's journey

This is perhaps the first travel blog I’ve made on this site, so let me welcome you again – Dandeli Travel Blog. Basically, I’ve provided a list of places to visit in Dandeli. Note: If you’re planning on visiting Dandeli for a short trip, that’s a lovely way to spend your holiday. But if you’re …

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Sponge and Old People

If the title sounds a little odd, that’s fine. The purpose of calling it ‘Sponge and Old People’ is to give a cuddly feeling to the old timers out there. I’m sure some of you out there don’t have any ‘cuddly’ experiences with an old man and a stick. Let’s just keep that out for …

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Love and relationships

Here’s to the most out of place writing in collaboration with an old companion of mine, the dolphin. Before we begin, let me tell you something. All the alphabets below do not come together to form facts. These are introspections from our own perceptions (mine and dolphin’s). Did the sentences above bounce over your head? …

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Story 6: Hemorrhaging money

Part 1 Let’s see what happened a few days prior to this…   16th March 2019… 8:55 pm… maybe I was on a call with a friend of mine, Chihuahua. She’s the chihuahua because for 1. She looks small but a month older 2. She’s just dumb… probably more than chihuahuas.  We were deciding to …

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Strolling into Denissons

Hubli Denissons

Maddy says, “Before we begin this weird yet hilarious piece, a thing to keep in mind; this entire story is from the perception of my friend, the chicken (A character from all my previous stories). Trust me, it is better this way.” Like the rest of my stories, these stories are true to a level …

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