The Secret Lives of the Khotes’

Families are said to be a ‘family’ when people in it look after each other and take care of each others’ needs. That is all why families are formed for. To support one another and move on. But when people forget this and man’s cruelty rules over, then it makes a mess out of it. […]

Mystery of =rand(200,99)

What really is the =rand(200,99)? Before I ask this to you, how did you find out about this anyway? That’s what I really ought to ask. But if you are a fan of reading love novels and if you’ve really read ‘One Night at the Call Center’ by ‘Chetan Bhagat’ then it wouldn’t be a […]


Getting motivated: A tragic waste of time

  Life lets us ask for what we want, but gives us only what we deserve. First, let me clear some things up. After reading this article don’t expect yourself to be motivated and start working rigorously in such a way that you’ll succeed by tomorrow. (Don’t worry, even I expect that… but there’s no […]

Let’s talk

Here, I decided to make a spot where I can share my opinions about a particular subject, and you can send your opinion about it. I have a feeling we benefit from this kind of conversation as we both will be learning something more. Stay tuned to look up on the subjects I will be […]