Wondering down the path of becoming a professional writer, Maddy spends a lot of time going through writing companies, writing agencies and so on.

So far, he has written quite a number of articles for Writers Agency. He was even among the top 12 writers on Writers Agency and further hope to sustain the ranks in the coming future.

When he was among the top 12 writers among hundreds of writers at the age of seventeen, his dad had called him. He said that he was “the most uneducated professional writer among the top.”

Well, Maddy had no idea if that was a compliment or an insult. Either way, he was happy to be up there. Below are the amazing experiences that he had in writing for the agency. Go and take a look at his weird yet amazing adventures!

Thorough Internshala Review (Unaffiliated)

Internshala review

Spoiler alert: I nailed an internship on Internshala! Content writing of course… now let me tell you what you’d need to do get yourself an internship too… here goes Internshala Review! This establishment has been coming up very fast recently. It’s still growing. But, day by day- it’s definitely gaining more and more attention. Now …

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What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting

Sure, you will come across this numerous times in the writing business. Sometimes, it can even get a little confusing to understand why do people do this. Let me make this simple for you and help you understand what is guest posting. Firstly, starting with the basic confusion, both the terms- guest posting and guest …

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