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Hello, there!

I’ll be honest here – I’m still grasping all the blogging tactics. But over the years, this site has grown and has a long way to go! So join me on this journey and let’s see how we can help one another out!

Anyway, I know my way around writing posts, social media, and email marketing, backlinks, managing the site performance, and of course – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While the first year of this blog was no more than a personal playground, things have changed since then.

I do experiment with new things and exhibit my views around on my posts but unlike long ago, Madman’s Journey is run-for-profit. Here are some of my blog statistics today.

MJ Blog Statistics

Here are some statistics on the audience and monetization of the site:

Audience Statistics

  • 7000 monthly page views on an average
  • 5000 organic visitors per month
  • Visitors from social media:
    1. 60% from Facebook (Average)
    2. 25% from Pinterest (Average)
  • The majority of visitors are from the US, India, and the Philippines

Model of Monetization

  • Google Ads: The main source of income currently, as you can see, is from ads (sidebar, display, and in-feed ads by Google Adsense).
  • Affiliate links: Leading revenue-generating links are from Udemy, Grammarly, and
  • Sponsored Posts: Pricing is negotiable

Work with me

That concludes the statistics about this site. Since the pandemic, I haven’t had the chance to travel and have been busy with my University.

While I didn’t allow any guest posting before, I’m open to that now. Check out the guidelines for submissions here. If you’re a travel blogger like me, send me a “Hey!” and I’d love to contribute a post to your blog as well! You can message me here:

I’m also open to other collaborations, such as:

  1. Brand collaboration – Reach out to blend your product into adventuresome detailed travel content.
  2. Sponsored post – Publish your sponsored content on this blog (I can help produce the write-up).
  3. Want me to write for you? Say you like my writing style, hit me up! Writing’s what I do and would love to help you out
  4. Hire me! I don’t usually look for gigs out there. But feel free to mail me right away if you think I’d be the perfect fit.

Or do you simply wish to say Hi – Ask a question or something? I’ll be pleased and shall get back to you in no time :)

Have a great day!



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