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Hey there! A little more that you need to about me before you hit me up with an email… I take a lot of time to patiently reply to all of you out there. Not that I have many people trying to reach this 19-year-old here. But I’ve got other things to do at my University here.

Including things like retardedly staring at the wall for hours on the end. Nothing for you to take from there.

Jokes apart, I do my best to reply to all emails. Keep an eye out on your inbox upon contacting me – I can take a day or two to get back to you.

Looking for a guest post opportunity here? I’ve got some guidelines for it – go check it out. I think it would be advisable if you did go through them. Honestly, there isn’t much to follow, but I do reject submissions before. Hell yes, I’m particular about them!

If you’ve already gone through the guidelines,  tell me about it here at this email address:


Simply wish to talk?

For those who wish to simply ask me a question or talk to me about something, feel free too! I’d be really glad to answer your questions. Probably – who knows?

Ahem, let’s not discuss it out loud, shall we? Now here’s the email address:

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