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Hey, stalker! A little more that you need to about me before you hit me up with an email… I take a lot of time to patiently reply to all of you out there. Not that I have that many people coming trying to reach this 18-year-old here. But I’ve got other things to do at my University here. Things like retardedly staring at the wall for hours on the end (Yep, I actually do that in hostel these days).

Thanks to this blog here, my sanity stays in touch with the real world… or is it the other way around?

Stop the Q-tip when there is resistance! – screams Chandler.

Jokes apart, I usually reply to all emails that drop in my inbox from this site right here. I’ve got the time. I might take a day or two, but I will reply alright. But if I don’t, then it would probably mean that I have fallen off the face of this Earth.

Anyway, if you’re trying to contact me in order to guest post here (for backlinks if I’m not wrong), I’ve got some guidelines for it. I think it would be advisable if you did go through them. Honestly, there isn’t much to follow, but I have rejected submissions before. Hell yes, I am strict about those guidelines!

If you’ve already gone through the guidelines or if you’re just too confident about your post, you can tell me about it here on this email address:


Simply wish to talk… or say hire?

For those who wish to simply just ask me a question or talk to me about something, feel free too! I’d be really glad to answer your questions. Who knows? If a lot of you ask about something particular over and over, I might even make a separate FAQ page. Did I mention this blog is still growing? Speaking of growing, I spend a considerable amount of time developing this site.

Most of the articles that you’ll find here are all my own works- my own writings. Now, if you do like my writings, I’m willing to write for you! How much do I charge? Now, that all depends on what I’m writing for and how much time I’m investing in it. So there isn’t any flat out per-hour-rate that I charge. But if you’re interested, let me know and we can discuss about it further…

Ahem, let’s not discuss business all out here now, shall we? So with that being said, here’s the email address:


(The email ID is too big isn’t it? I could have just made it contact@manaspatil.com but I thought that would be too mainstream. I had to go for something unique)


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