To the ones who can’t cook..


“Consider… that you alone exist… that you are one wealthy person… but you can’t prepare for yourself… thus you shall still perish”

This particular topic was suggested by my grandpa. I found it interesting and pretty much relatable to the world I live in, most probably yours too.

We live in a world which depends mostly on one particular gender for preparing food in a house. The society that I live in presently, depends on the female gender to cook. Years back, I used to live in another country. In the society there, I’ve observed that it’s the other way around. Now I’m not saying either of them as good, because I know both these places have their flaws for the way things have been set.

I(and my grandpa) believe that whether you are a boy or a girl, you should learn how to prepare for yourself. I know some of you now will say that things are changing, that both genders can be seen preparing these days. Well, you are right about that, but not everywhere. See, this isn’t something we should learn out of interest. We’re supposed to learn because it’s a necessity in the present times.

I am seventeen and the only thing that I perfectly know how to prepare is instant noodles. I still have time, I can start learning now. But my grandfather is over 75 years old. Sometimes when my family is going out somewhere and my grandpa stays back, food arrangements have to be made for him. He now regrets that he should have learnt how to prepare years back. But it’s not his fault, it’s the way the minds around here work.

In a village, if you’re a boy, you are taken out by your father and you are taught how to work in the fields. Your mother prepares food for you, but never teaches you how to prepare. This happens the other way around if you’re a girl. This is exactly where we went wrong.

Going to school is compulsory. Education itself is compulsory. Similarly this has to apply for cooking. If you see this from a particular point of view, you’ll find that learning how to cook is as equally important as education, perhaps even a little more.

If you’re young now, start learning it in order to be independent. If you’re a little older, at least tell the younger ones around you to start learning, tell them so that the future generation doesn’t suffer the way you did.




Nice bro,Maybe I’ll start learning cooking as well


Do learn, I’ll start too!

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