Corruption…not politics


“Birth of a corrupt mind

can take place at any time,

make sure you kill it

before everything turns out, not so fine”


This topic was suggested by a friend of mine. I don’t know if that friend meant it in the perception of politics, but I am NOT going to be particularly writing on the political aspects of corruption. I’ll be avoiding it as much as possible, but not entirely.

We all have this tendency to blame politics for its corruption, blame the people who work in it knowing they that they aren’t helping the country very much. We all blame because we think whatever they do, they do it most of the times for their own benefits rather than the nation’s development. It is true up to an extent.

But try to imagine from another perspective. Imagine that, you are in the position of power and money. Now tell, what would you do. It’s pretty easy for you to now say that you will do the things for the people as you promised, and I believe some of you will do it as you say. But what about the rest. I know it for a fact that when money and power come in, these both eventually turn the person into something else.

Greed and hunger for more take over the person. The person becomes willing to do anything, be it right or wrong, to get what he or she wants. This is the point where we call it corruption. But this happens, not only on the political level, I believe it starts at home.

You may find this not difficult, but strange to believe, but its true.

  • To the young ones whose parents send you out to buy something, how many times have you had some money left at the end and decided to buy something for yourself without your parents’ approval?
  • To the students, how many have times have you tried cheating in examinations?
  • To those who work and have a family of their own, how many times did you feel the tendency to send your parents to old age homes because of the pressure?

There are MANY more examples. It may seem like a common person’s life, but in reality, this is where a corrupt mind takes birth. Of course, it doesn’t look as harmful as the corruption in politics, but if it has started, it usually doesn’t end fast. We ultimately realize it at the very end when we feel we have everything but at the same time feel we have nothing. But by then, it is too late.

So if you’re reading this, I’m here to tell you that, you still have time. Achieve whatever you want to, strive for it, but do it right, by taking the right steps.




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2 thoughts on “Corruption…not politics”

  1. Avatar

    Hey Manas,

    Good that you have chosen ‘CORRUPTION’ as one of topic to explore.
    In my opinion the it’s very vast topic & also exists from ancient days on this planet.
    And the examples that you have quoted are somehow are not inline with topic corruption. The examples quoted are more to do with discipline & ethics.
    At large it can be defined as “Misusing the given authority for personal gains whether be it a materialistic or not”.
    Keep posting & let’s debate.

    1. Maddy

      Yes, people have been telling that my points don’t really go well with the topic ‘CORRUPTION’… I now understand that part. But what I wanted to convey is why do people start misusing the authority given to them. I believe if corruption has to end , it has to got to start on a lower level by which I mean homes.
      Sure I’d love to have a debate!

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