A Morning Walk in Cubbon Park

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I shouldn’t be spending way too much time writing this with my exams stacked up on my back. But anyway, I promised myself I won’t take long. And I promise you too that this will be short. So take a minute-break to give this piece a little love. So here’s how it went-my Cubbon Park morning walk!

I went to this spot in Bangalore about a month ago (nothing to worry about, mum), but I still can’t get its peaceful environment out of my mind. To be honest with you, it’s just like any other green well-maintained park out there. It’s just how you would visualize an ideal park on an ideal morning.

Imagine this- a touch of cool breeze with visible mist around the park. No sound of boomers talking or cars passing by… the only sound that you do hear would be the trees merrily swaying its branches and birds chirping. 

Yep, that’s exactly how the place is. (I did find a couple of boomers there, but believe me- they were quiet.)

Cubbon park morning
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Renting Bicycles in Cubbon Park

I assume the bicycle rentals have been available here for some time now. I went there with a couple of other guys and we rented bicycles. It cost us 25 rupees for the first two hours for each bicycle. Before taking our bicycles out, we had to submit any of our ID info- this could be Aadhar, Passport, Driving Licence, or anyone of those that you can think of.

Now, if you’re renting out these, try and get them much before 8 am. ‘Cause 8 o’clock is the time when the road gates open up for vehicles. The time when everyone gets out of the road and let the cars conquer it. We got there a bit late so we had a little trouble crossing roads with these bicycles. But anyway, it was totally worth the time.

cubbon park
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We took these bicycles inside the main park where a scarce number of people still enjoying their morning. Most of these people were old and many of them had their dogs with them.

Dogs in a community (My favorite)

I personally love dogs (Why do you think I visit dog cafes), so the place seemed like a paradise to me. There were German Shepherds, Poodles, Pugs, and all the other cuties. The ones with the German shepherds and Labradors were playing fetch with tennis balls and sticks.

The Pomeranians just enjoyed their strolls with their owners while there was a man cuddling with his pug under the trees. This turned out to be a small community of people by itself. One nature-loving community if you ask me.

I saw a man in his fifties playing with his German Shepherd. I went to play with it a bit too. He said its name was Simba. At that moment, Simba leaped on me pushing me back a few steps with enormous efforts. I got mud stains of its paws on my pants which I found pretty cool. An old man with greying hair was passing by with a poodle. He looked at Simba and waved at this man and said, “Simba seems energetic today.”

This man replied, “Yeah, he’s unusually energetic this morning…” then he turned to the old guy’s poodle, “Hey Becca!”

Becca, the poodle, wagged her tail a little bit and pranced on with her the old man. I mean, who wouldn’t love visiting this place!

cubbon park morning
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Cubbon Park – Morning Walk and wandering in deeper

Simba finally calmed down and settled to chewing its tennis ball. So I left Simba alone and went out to walk in deeper in the park. My friends were more interested in photographing instead of enjoying the environment, so I left them behind and walked in deeper alone.

The sun slowly made its way through mist and the elegance of the Tyndal effect from the leaves of the trees added up. The air was still cold with the sun out, which made it all the more pleasurable. As I walked in around the corners, there were a few people here and there feeding crows.

They had some sort of seeds in their hands and were scattering it out on the ground and a murder of crows gathered to feed on it. These people were all around the park. I’ve never fed a crow before, so I don’t know if it’s that enjoyable. But they seemed to engrossed in it. I assumed it was an addiction because I also saw some crow-food sellers inside the park.

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Walking out and into a museum

After a couple of hours, I walked back and found my friends still in the same place I’d left them… with their cameras. Luckily, they’d been aware enough to keep my bicycle with them for the whole time. 

We decided to return the bicycles and have our breakfast. We found a modest little restaurant where we got idlis and then we decided to go to a museum nearby… ah, but that’s another story. I can’t tell you that right now. Let that be another adventure for now- another piece. 

I’ll surely let you know if that comes up later, nothing to worry about.

One last thing…

Anyway, one last thing- if you’re going out there, I don’t think it’s advisable to carry your camera. No, not because I don’t like taking pictures that much. Because one of my friends there was stopped by a security person near the park’s entrance while returning.

He told him that we weren’t allowed to photograph anything inside the park. He just gave him a warning and then let us go. Maybe he let us off easy because we were students. Anyway, I wouldn’t bring a camera if I were you- not particularly my interest. 

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If you’ve read till here, then I assume you enjoy reading these. That’s all I’ve to contribute from my morning walk in Cubbon Park.

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