CuteStat review: Is it legit?

cutestat, cutestat review! The site which talks a lot about ‘Stats and Valuation’, ain’t it? Now, I do rely on parts of the data that it provides. However, not entirely though… well without further ado, let’s get into this Cutestat review, shall we?

This review of Cutestat is purely based on a common user’s perspective. To find out about the audience that Cutestat gets, sites it get backlinks from, Domain Registration Data and all the other insightful details, I found a site that might help you- EasyCounter.

Are locations provided accurate?

Let me begin with this right away! Because when I tried to make some research on this particular site, I found some negative reviews. Surprisingly, one includes Quora. So let me make a few things clear.

The reviews that I went through mentioned how the locations provided weren’t accurate. Some of these reviews are outdated… for example, one of the reviews dates back to 2017. Sure that isn’t very long ago, but Cutestat has grown a long way since. I’ve been using Cutestat for over a year now. And oh yes- I’ve seen the changes.

The algorithm to find a site’s statistics seems to have improvised a lot. Another reason why the information provided by the site didn’t update the hosting location was probably that the statistics of that particular site was never refreshed.

To be sure…

My site is hosted on Doteasy, which is based in Cannada. However, it was previously hosted by Godaddy. But due to some reasons, I shifted it. Anyway, when I looked it up on Cutestat(after refreshing my site’s statistics), the site’s statistics displayed the hosting’s accurate location.

Apart from that example: my dad works in a German-based company called Varta. Now, they have their own hosting servers in Germany. So when I looked up their site on Cutestat, bingo! The location of hosting servers was accurate again.

Thus, I can safely say that I can trust the location provided by Cutestat.

The little introduction paragraph

Whenever any site is looked upon for on Cutestat, the site’s statistics neatly begins with a short paragraph. Typically, this consists of

  • the entered site’s age (has always been accurate).
  • Global traffic rank of the site (Uncertain)
  • Type of extension of the site (accurate)
  • The estimated net worth of the site (Inaccurate… at least for me)
  • It further says that I’ve monetized my site with Google Adsense (which I have)

Unfortunately, the estimated net worth and the income per day data isn’t accurate. For my blog(that you’re currently in), it says that it has a daily income of around 1 dollar. Honestly, this site has NEVER been able to make it a dollar in one day.

But if it does, I’ll be sure to celebrate 😉

Another false statistic

Under the heading ‘Traffic Report’, it says that this site has about 200 daily unique visitors and over 400 pageviews. Let me not reveal numbers, but that is nowhere close to the amount of traffic that I really get.

Apart from this, there could be some more false data provided if you observe keenly. As a blogger, the amount of infographics that I can get from Cutestat is satisfactory for me. So I personally do not have any problems with it.

Voila! Let’s call it a wrap and end this review of Cutestat up right here.

Anyway, thanks for giving this a read… Have a nice day!