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Da Vinci Code Book Summary: Note- this summary has been divided into a number of scenes on the basis of where Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu go in order to search for the Holy Grail. Some of the places included here are The Louvre Museum, Depository Bank of Zurich and even Westminister Abbey in London and so on.

So let’s proceed.

Despite the fact that Dan Brown’s famous novel, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is popular for its controversies, the book is absolutely thrilling. The whole story revolves around the main role- Robert Langdon and a daring companion Sophie Neveu who is also an FBI agent.

#1 The Louvre Museum

The story begins in a typical thriller manner where Jacques Saunière, a highly respected curator is murdered in cold blood in his own workplace: The Louvre Museum, Paris. He is shot by a ‘ghost’, an albino monk in the search of something of great value… a powerful secret. A secret whose knowledge lies only with the curator and 3 other members of a secret society.

Upon getting to know that the other 3 members have been eliminated and that he himself was going to die, Jacques Saunière struggled in his last moments… to leave a message behind that only particular ones would understand. He leaves the message so the secret is ‘passed on’.

That’s for the mysterious beginning of the story.

Then comes in Robert Langdon, a Professor in Symbology. He is awoken by the DCPJ -sort of FBI in France- and brought to the crime scene of Jacques Saunière. He is shocked to see the dead body. Secretly Bezu Fache, the head of the DCPJ believes that Robert is Saunière’s murderer so he assumes that Robert Langdon will eventually confess his crime.

Then Sophie Langdon comes into the picture, surprisingly the granddaughter of Jacques Saunière. She knows that her grandfather wanted to deliver a message only to her and not the DCPJ or anyone else. But oddly in one of the clues left behind by Saunière, she figures out that her grandfather wished for her to team up with Langdon.

And so still not certain why they teamed up, Langdon and Sophie manage to dodge past the DCPJ heavily guarded museum. In the Louvre Museum, after some pretty close calls of getting caught, they are determined of the next clue. The next clue lies in The Depository Bank of Zurich.

Now on their way to the bank, they have the DCPJ still on the lookout for them. They also appear on TV at this time.

#2 Saint Sulpice

A church governed by an old woman named Sister Sandrine gets a phone call that there is a visitor bound to come. It is late at night. With an uneasy feeling, she accepts the request. The visitor further on is none other than the albino monk who had killed Sophie’s grandpa earlier. The albino monk’s name is Silas and is here keeping in mind that the ‘Keystone’ is there. (He gets this information from the curator just before killing him)

Now he searches the place for the keystone and upon not finding anything, he becomes furious and kills Sister Sandrine out of anger. Now Silas has murdered three people.

#3 Depository Bank of Zurich

They enter the bank of Zurich with the help of a gold laser key- sort of futuristic that Sophie had found behind the M. Fortunately, they aren’t recognized by anyone in the bank… initially. Later the DCPJ surrounds the bank as well.

After showing the key to authorities, they’re led to a living space where they are supposed to insert the key. After going through some trouble in opening the safe, they find themselves with a small neat box made of rosewood. The head of the bank Andre Vernet approaches them and knowing that his great friend, Jacques Saunière’s granddaughter is in trouble, he himself takes the risk of getting her and Robert Langdon out of the bank in one of the bank’s trucks.

Apparently, they later discover

Unfortunately, he forcefully tries to get the small box from them. However, Robert Langdon manages to injure him. With that, Robert and Sophie are out on their own. They leave Andre Vernet on the road and take off with the truck. They drive to Sir Leigh Teabing’s home (Chateau Villette) in Paris, an old friend of Robert Langdon. He also turns out to be a very wealthy knight who’s in search of the Holy Grail, hence Langdon thinks it is right to approach him.

Chateau Villette

Sir Leigh Teabing’s home is practically a castle. Langdon and Sophie are greeted in. Now there are four members in the house- Langdon, Sophie, Teabing’s manservant Remy and Teabing himself. Leaving the manservant out, the three have a long discussion about the Holy Grail (in case you didn’t notice, all this occurs in the dark).

They speak of how The Holy Grail isn’t really a literal cup but refers to Mary Magdalene- the wife of Jesus Christ. (Yeah, that came out of nowhere) The storyline of Jesus Christ further goes to their daughter Saint Sarah and how their bloodline still exists today.

They speak of why the Holy Grail’s important and what could happen if the documents that proved Jesus’s family existed, were released. The impact on the world could turn unimaginable.

After what seems to be an endless conversation, the DCPJ find Langdon’s and Sophie’s location with the help of the tracker in the bank’s truck. Mysteriously … Silas, the albino monk also gets to Teabing’s place. Teabing, along with Remy, helps Langdon and Sophie escape to London with his private jet.

They also take Silas with them as a hostage to London.


All three- Langdon, Sophie, and Teabing set out to search for the Holy Grail. On one end, they are figuring out what Jacques Saunière was really trying to convey- one of the most powerful secrets. The other side there is the DCPJ who still think they are responsible for the curator’s murder.

Apart from them, there is also one unknown identity who is also on the lookout for them. The same identity which intends to ruin the Holy Grail…

This identity is referred to as the Teacher. The Teacher claims that he has ears and eyes everywhere. Though never having seen this Teacher face-to-face, Bishop Aringarosa and Silas the monk follow his orders meticulously. The murders of Jacques and the other three were some of them.

So who is this mysterious Teacher? In the end, we find out that Teabing’s himself is the Teacher. Teabing’s is the one responsible for all the murders. He intends to reveal the secret of the Holy Grail to the world. He also comes to a point where he plans to kill Langdon and Sophie. That’s when Langdon makes a smart move which results in the police arresting Teabing red-handed.

Though DCPJ follows Langdon to London, Bezu Fache realizes that Langdon is innocent when Bishop Aringarose makes a full confession that he is in fact, behind the murders.

Here Bishop Aringarosa and Silas are fooled into helping the Teacher (Teabing) with his dirty works. Understanding this, Bezu Fache forgives them. Teabing had managed to thoroughly manipulate the secret Priory of Sion (Jacques and other three) and Opus Dei organization. He had used them to his own advantage which resulted in the murders too.

Rosslyn Chapel

Sophie grandfather’s message has not still uncovered. The last riddle takes Sophie and Langdon to the Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland. The ending has the biggest twist because they do not find the Holy Grail or a next clue. Instead, they find Sophie’s long lost grandmother and her brother whom Sophie thought were dead. She also happens to realize that their family is the direct descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Sophie is happy to have her family, for she thought she had no more when she lost her grandpa.

Langdon, however, is disappointed upon not finding the Holy Grail. But towards the end, Langdon figures out the message and finds out that the secret lies beneath the Louvre museum itself.


In the book, Dan Brown claims that all the facts of architectures, documents, and rituals are accurate (includes Heiros Gamos). Even the secret Priory of Sion in which Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton were members, really does exist. The Opus Dei is a real Catholic sect.



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