Dailyonlinejobs review: 10 Reason to Avoid this Site

dailyonlinejobs review
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Is DailyOnlineJobs legit? No, it’s a scam. They only expect you to click the ads on their site so they can make money. There’s no job application system behind the site. Here’s the story behind writing this:

I was looking for writing gigs when the pandemic and finding this site was disturbing. Being a blogger for years, it’s easy to catch a fake site when I see one. Thus, I decided to let others know about this scam through this post – DailyOnlineJobs review.

Here’s all you need to know about DailyOnlineJobs.com. It’s a site that claims to give online jobs most related to writing. All they expect is you to spend time on it.

And you’ll see that it is a scam. Let’s begin this DailyOnlineJobs review talk about the advertisements on the site:

DailyOnlineJobs review: Is it legit?

With the content of blog posts on this site, it’s hard to tell what is legit and what is not. It even has an SSL certificate for website security. If you have a WordPress site, you can easily purchase an SSL certificate for security (and for SEO). Sucuri is one good company to help you with security.

The contents on some posts lead you somewhere to make one believe it is real. But again, it is not easy to make money online the way the posts on DailyOnlineJobs make it sound.

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People in the web industry, know a scam when they see one. Others do not know.

DailyOnlineJobs targets users from India. All the claims to pay for the jobs they ‘offer’ are in the Indian Rupee. Unfortunately, a lot of people still fall for it. Based on the comments and reviews on the site, people believe the site to an extent.

DailyOnlineJobs review – Ads all over the site

There are ads all over DailyOnlineJobs. These ads offer the same services as the site claims to offer. Red flag: Legit sites do not have ads that can take away their potential users. However, there is no system for people to earn through DailyOnlineJobs, so they don’t care about it.

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They expect you to spend time on their site and click on the ads on their website. Dailyonlinejobs.com is monetized by Google Adsense. For those who don’t know Adsense. it is an ad network that pays you for views and clicks that you have on your website.

Furthermore, DailyOnlineJobs pays to appear in search results. When you enter the site, it offers to pay you on signup. I tried it with an email address. All I got were a bunch of post updates on the site.

Blog posts and Email submission

Speaking of post updates, DailyOnlineJobs is updated from time to time. New blog posts keep coming up. Most of them obviously not very helpful, but it still considers ‘content’. One can tell they focus on SEO and care about ranking organically. The keywords they focus to rank for, based on the posts, related to making money online.

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Generally, most scam sites do not even have a mailing system. When you submit your email address, you receive no mail from that site ever. Your email address submission goes down in the dumps. Worst case scenario, they use it for malicious purposes.


About Page

To figure out if any site is legit or not, one easy way to check for yourself is by looking for the About page (or the Contact page). Typically, they lie in the top menu bar or at the footer. Search for the identity of a person or a group of people names mentioned. Look up if the names provided exist on social media anywhere.

On DailyOnlineJobs, no person’s name has been mentioned.

Check for social media accounts. Scam sites do not usually have social media links. Even if they do, it does not link to the real people working behind the site.

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DailyOnlineJobs review: Payments proof page

On the menu bar of DailyOnlineJobs, there is also a Payments proof page (very interesting).

dailyonlinejobs review
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Dailyonlinejobs review

A number of names are mentioned along with their state, the amount paid, and their censored account numbers. As alluring it might seem, there are no links to the people ‘Paid’. Anyone could make a page like that.

Insights on DailyOnlineJobs.com

Apart from the fraud here, here are some basic details of the site- Dailyonlinejobs (As of August 9, 2020)

  • Domain Authority – 29
  • Site age – Three years seven months
  • Domain Registrar – Godaddy.com

Other reviews on DailyOnlineJobs.com

There are a lot of reviews on DailyOnlineJobs. Apart from the attractive claims to pay, a lot of people who have no idea whatsoever about businesses online fall for this.

Other reviews on this site:

While there are many other reviews, these are the top ones.

Legit Online Jobs Sites

Speaking of data entry jobs, they do exist. They are simple ways to earn. However, finding a legit company that offers this is like a needle in a haystack. It makes it more difficult to find such opportunities with scam sites like these.

When you see an ad that says work from anywhere and there is usually a picture of someone with a laptop and a coffee, it isn’t as easy as it looks. There are sites out there that pay you for gigs and freelancing, but they’re hard to find and land. Even if you find a legit site, you will need to build show your capabilities. So you work for free at the beginning.

Write guest articles for blogs if you are looking for writing. There are tons of ways to begin, but you need to begin small.

If people find potential, you can then start to charge for your work. Then put up a price based on your skills. Legit companies do not trust you right away. The same way you don’t trust them, they need a reason to trust you. Build a portfolio with your works and skills.

If you don’t want to spend on buying a domain, build a resume is with LinkedIn. Or any of the other well-known sites like Freelancer.com, Fiverr, and Upwork.

There is no shortcut to I don’t believe there is really any other way to make money online. Unless of course, you’re the person running a scam like this.

Now, let’s round up this DailyOnlineJobs review.

DailyOnlineJobs review – Conclusion

No, DailyOnlineJobs is a scam. A legitimate company does not display ads that can harm its own potential users. Earning a laptop in your hands is not as easy as they make it sound.

Here are some actual legitimate sites that I’ve personally worked on for some time.

They have their own pros and cons which I’ve explained in detail in the posts below:

Though Internshala here focuses on college students applying for internships, It is a good place to start if you want to build your resume. With that being said, this would be all to the Dailyonlinejobs review.

Have a great day :)

*This post contains affiliate link(s) at no additional cost of the products to you. I only recommend products that I trust.

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