DailyOnlineJobs Website Review: Is dailyonlinejobs.com legit?

dailyonlinejobs review

Before I say what’s all this website about, let me just give up a straight answer about my review on dailyonlinejobs.com. Is it legit?

NO! It’s just another scam with false claims that it can help you earn. That would be my answer to sum this review up. But you may read on to why I, as an online writer and a website developer, believe this site is not legit. With that, let us begin with the review on Dailyonlinejobs!

Ads, ads, and more ads!

Just like some of the sites, I reviewed previously, namely Hiresine and Talentdesire.com, this one too has a bunch of ads sticking around it. Particularly ads that offer the same services that the site itself offers. I cannot stress this enough – any legit site will not put ads that may harm its own potential traffic. But again, there is no system for people to earn through this site, so they don’t really care about them.

All they really expect you to do is to spend more and more time and click on the ads on their website so they can earn from the ads. After checking around a bit about the ads, I found out that dailyonlinejobs.com is monetized by Google Adsense. DailyOnlineJobs pays to show up on search engines. And it further claims to pay its users just on signup followed by a number of eye-turners. It’s too good to be true.

Earning in the real world out there isn’t that easy at all. And with sites like this out there, it definitely gets tougher to figure out which is genuine.

Blog posts and Email submission

What is definitely interesting on this website is the amount of effort they put in to keep it popular and make it seem genuine. When I went through parts of the website, I found out blog posts being published from time to time. Most of them usually not useful, but these are posts with words. My best assumption is that the articles published are for SEO. Because all of them appear to be dedicated to one thing and one thing only, “making money”.

The only thing that seems to be actually making money here is that site with its ads. Another effort put in to make it seem legit is the signup form. Generally, these scam sites do not even have a mail system. So when you submit your email address, you’ll get no mail from that site… ever. Basically, your email address submission just goes down in the dumps. Or for the worst, taken for other malicious purposes.

However, on DailyOnlineJobs, you actually get mails from the site- Automated emails on posts and random ‘Your Earnings Updated’. I replied to one of the emails, but as expected, there wasn’t any response.

What’s legit and not?

If there is any site that purposely aims to scam people, then I do not trust any of the content on it. With the content of blog posts on this site, it is hard to tell what is legit and what is not. But after reading the posts, I can say that NOTHING is legit on Dailyonlinejobs.com. Maybe, the content on some of the posts may lead you somewhere to make one feel it legit. But again, if it’s true, it isn’t really easy as the people behind these posts make it sound.

Maybe people like me- people who are in the web industry- point out a scam when they see one. Well, not everyone’s the same. By the unit of currency- Rupee- mentioned all over the site, it can be clearly seen the website targets its users in India. Funnily enough, there are a LOT of people still falling for it. When I dug up for comments and reviews on blog posts on the site and some other sites, people actually believe the site to a particular extent.

Honestly, it’s sad to see people spending their valuable time on nothing.

Search for ‘About’ Page

If you can’t figure out if any site is really legit or not, one of the easiest ways to check it out for yourself is by the ‘About’ page or the ‘Contact’ page. Between these two pages, search for an actual identity of a person or a group of people names mentioned. However, there isn’t a name or even an ‘About’ page that I could find on DailyOnlineJobs.com.

Another way to find out about the genuineness of a site is by its social media accounts. Now, this may prove to be a less recommended method as this can be made with a little effort too (which won’t last long of course), but it’s worth a shot. The reason why scams don’t make social media links is that people can actually discuss the site and comment on it publicly. It’s as simple as that.

Payments proof? Really?

On the menu of the site, you’ll see the ‘Payments proof’ page which I specifically found interesting. In fact, it was the most interesting thing on the website.

dailyonlinejobs review

As you can see above, there are a number of names mentioned, the state which they live in mentioned, the amount they have been paid, and even the unnecessary censored account numbers. If that’s a ‘proof’ page, how naive are people these days? Apart from random names and random ‘Amount Paid’ figures, there is nothing else to support it. No links to the people ‘Paid’. Anyone could make a page of the sort.

What is more? There are nine pages of these names and states!

Insights on DailyOnlineJobs.com

Apart from the fraud here, here are some basic details of the site- Dailyonlinejobs (As of June 9, 2020)

  • Domain Authority – 30
  • Site age – Three years five months old
  • Domain Registrar – Godaddy.com

Other reviews on DailyOnlineJobs.com

Surprisingly there are a lot of other reviews on this site which tells me this has pulled in a long way in bringing in traffic. Apart from the alluring fraud claims, a lot of people who seem to have no idea whatsoever about businesses online fall for this sort of scam. The worst part is that the people who fall into these traps turn out so naive that they don’t even bother to check reviews on the site.

But let’s just say people who do write reviews like this one are doing their part. The rest is left to the people. So speaking of reviews, here are the other reviews I found made on the site:

There are a number of other reviews on different sites about DailyOnlineJobs. I’ve just picked out a handful of reviews from authoritative sites.

Legit sites out there

Speaking of data entry jobs as this scam claims to offer, there ARE real data entry jobs that are simple ways to earn. However, since it sounds so easy to earn through this, finding a legit site that offers this is the biggest task of all. There are tons of other scam sites that claim to help you earn, and this one is just one of them.

If you really want to earn from your couch at home, let me tell you, it isn’t at all easy. There are sites out there that pay you for gigs and freelancing, but they’re hard to land and even more, hard to find. Even if you find a legit site, my best suggestion would be to work for free at the beginning. Write guest articles for sites. Or just help out in whichever way you think you’re capable of.

If they find your works really good, then they’ll be asking you to work again. Then put up a price based on your skills. Most of these legit companies don’t work one way. The same way you want a reason to trust them, they need a reason to trust you. So, build a portfolio with your works and skills showcased in it. Even if you don’t want to spend on buying a domain, the best way to build a resume is with LinkedIn. Or any of the other well-known sites like Freelancer.com, Fiverr, and Upwork.

As a writer and administrator here on my site, I don’t believe there is really any other way to ‘earn’ online. Unless of course, you’re the person running a scam site like this.


Finally, let’s just sum up this DailyOnlineJobs review with the main question once again.

  • Is Daily Online Jobs legit?

    No, it’s a scam. There is no identity mentioned about the people behind the site which turns out to be one of the biggest red flags when it comes to legitimacy. Also, the site’s only source of income is through the ads placed around. Most legitimate sites do NOT display ads to the people that work for them. And the last of all, it is way too good to be true. Earning with just a computer isn’t as easy as they make it sound. It is too good to be true.

Here are some actual legitimate sites that I’ve personally worked on for some time.

They have their own pros and cons which I’ve explained in detail in the posts below:

Though Internshala here is mainly focused on college students who wish to take up internships, I think it’d be a good place to start if you’re actually serious about making money online. With that being said, this would be all to the DailyOnlineJobs review.

Have a great day :)



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