Insights: Difference between blog and article

Difference between blog and article
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There was a time when the use of formal language ruled the writing world. Where did all that go now? A more intriguing question would be, what made it fade away? The answer’s simple… the internet. Ever since the age of the Internet came into existence, writing has gone from being stately to snappy. 

Hence making an article and a blog completely different from each other. People don’t want to take a moment to read and understand the beauty of the words combined, they want to it be quick and snappy. And that’s exactly what a blog is.

So the difference between blog and article? Here goes nothing…

A write-up’s length and manner

One of the first differences that one would observe is that articles are typically lengthier than blogs. While a blog may have a word ranging from 300 to 1500, an article can range from 1500 to sometimes even 5000 words.

Well, that depends from site to site. When I used to write travel articles for Writers Agency, my works would range from 500 to 1000 words. And yes, they were still considered articles. So it also depends on the platform you are writing for. 

Why this word length gap? This can be because blogs are usually written more often than articles on the internet. Moreover, articles usually go through a stern editing and proofreading system to make sure there are ultimately no errors. But blogs do not go through this sort of system.

In most of the cases, blogs are self-published and are written in a casual manner. Thus, they go through minimal editing or sometimes, even no editing. 

Paragraph spacing 

Another reason why reading an article can sometimes be tough is because of the huge paragraphs clustered together. A single paragraph in an article can actually have 8-10 lines. However, a blog aims to have 3-4 lines at max. This is mainly because of two reasons.

If you’re scrolling through a site on your phone, you wish to see more white spaces than words. To be specific, you want whatever you’re reading to appear clean and fresh, well at least on your screen. However, articles on magazines, newspapers and even Wikipedia have their words close together. So blogs mainly aim to attract a reader rather than give detailed information. 

On the other hand, they focus on Search Engine Optimization. The easier the blog is to read, the better the ranking of it on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization… or just SEO

Now that I mentioned, let’s take a look at this too, shall we?

An article may aim to give the reader detailed information about something and maintain a tone of formality throughout. But the blog, on the other hand, aims to inform the reader about that something on point. For example, if you make a search on google about ‘How to Play Chess?’, you’ll find out that Wikipedia has a relatable article.

However, it isn’t the first thing you’ll see. Instead, you’ll get on point instructions on how to play chess from Instructables.

Observe these two pages on two different sites (Wikipedia and Instructables) and find out which one is easier to grasp.

Instructables: How to Play Chess?

Wikipedia: Rules of Chess

Let me know on the comments below ;)

Dependance on facts and opinions

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As articles are usually more to do with officiality, not only do they use a strong language, but also make sure all the information provided is based on facts and statistics. Hence making all the information present in it more reliable for a reader.

A blog, anyway, is mostly based on a personal perspective. The main objective of a blog is to convey its message to a reader in the most interesting way possible… the fastest way possible… and it surely does its job if the writer understands the difference between blog and article!


Writing an article and writing a blog are two different games in their own worlds. They cannot really be compared with each other. Some writers specialize in writing articles for large publications while there are writers who have become very popular as bloggers. 

Articles may seem to appear less and less these days and more blogs can be seen around these days. In fact, this itself is a blog. Take a look around this site- it’s nothing but a personal blog. If you want, you can try writing a blog post too. Honestly, anyone can do it.

By any chance should you wish to give blogging a try, you can try writing a guest post for this site. It’s available for free! Go ahead, give it a shot!… well, if you want to, of course.

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