6 Simple things to keep in mind before applying for Google AdSense (2019)

Want to know if this website really has signed up for Adsense? Simple… just scroll around, you’ll see. If you don’t, then I assume Google Adsense doesn’t like me anymore. 

Alright, enough of the small talk. Let’s see what Google Adsense really looks for when it comes to monetizing your website.

Basics Requirements for getting your site monetized…

1. You can’t monetize free sites.

If you have been running a free site with the help of websites like WordPress.com or wix.com, you can forget monetizing your site. You are supposed to host your own website and also own a domain. 

For example, if your site is now like ‘ freemoneyforeveryone.food.blog’

If you host on your own and own the domain, it should look like ‘freemoneyforeveryone.com’ or ‘freemoneyforeveryone.org’  

Fortunately, these free website-building sites do provide options to purchase your domain with the content of your present blog intact.

2. Create original content

I hear people getting rejected by Google Adsense. Honestly, if you have your own brain, getting approved is very easy. So it’s simple. Just create your own content. Don’t even copy a single paragraph from somewhere. Google is pretty smart, so don’t bother to think of outsmarting it.

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pixelcreatures (CC0), Pixabay

3. Quality is preferred over quantity… obviously.

There are people with a huge amount of content in their sites, but never even get approved. Honestly, there wasn’t much content when I signed up for Google Adsense. But with the help of plugins like Grammarly, I had very little chance of spelling mistakes.

So it matters, spellings and other silly error like unfunctional links are the smallest things to be taken care of.

4. Patience

If I remember right, Adsense mentions that activation may take about a day or longer. It never did mention how many days… it probably took about a week to get my account activated up and running on my site. So before you do something, just be patient.

If it really is taking very long, just feel proud that even people on the other side find the decision-making tough. 

5. Easy navigation

It doesn’t matter if you think your site is really snazzy or if you already have a lot of supporters for your website. If you have messy paths throughout your website and if it really turns out to be irritating to a new user, then Adsense isn’t for you.

Try to make the posts, pages and so on easily available to everyone who is new to the site. A person with 3 pages in his site may get approval, while a person with hundreds of posts might not. So keep it simple.

6. Not yet 18? Don’t worry

There is no way to sign up for AdSense with a Google account mentioning that you’re not 18+. However, there is an option to sign up with a guardian (or something similar). I am 17 myself. So this is what I did. 

With some help, I made another google account, made clearly for business with the help of my dad. This account mentions an age above 18. So with the support of this, I went ahead with the procedure.


If you have any queries, you may ask below and expect a reply soon!

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