Explicit Men’s Hairstyle Tips …ft. Athrey Agni

Another collaboration with the man of style here- Athrey Agnihotri (that links to his Insta profile)! Last time we focused more on the men’s clothing aspect didn’t we? Well, let’s turn up a couple more pages of the fashion book today… to the Men’s hairstyle tips.

Guessing that you’re of great significance (no worries- all blog visitors are of great importance here), here’s an index.

  • Grooming: what’s it all about?
  • Grooming for dummies
  • Maintaining your hair (a lot of subheadings here)
  • Styling your hair

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What is Grooming all About?


Grooming isn’t all about getting your hair in perfect shape like your role model. It’s about becoming the role model. Alright ‘becoming’ is too strong a word… it’s about being the best version of yourself. (exactly the way I said on my recent article on StylePlus)

When “Grooming” pops up, people tend to hastily style up their facial hair the way their favorite actors or singers do (Generally speaking). Most of the times, it leads to disastrous looks and everlasting regrets… I’ve seen it myself. Following people for fashion is indeed a necessity… but follow them in just a few aspects. The point is to look as unique as possible.


Like I said earlier, it’s about getting to the best version of yourself. Maybe you can take up the most favorable parts of your favs but blend it in your best way. My buddy here (unlike me) spends a considerable amount of time for trying out what suits him best- let alone styling it! So yes, I admit it. It can even take weeks or more to figure out suits you best.

But when you do, nothing to worry about anymore! Well, at least till your face shape changes… if that’s possible.

Basic grooming… for dummies

The world is filled with people that still don’t understand… or even bother about looks and that’s sad. Still, they prefer not to look like sages. So here something for them.

To be considered well-groomed, make sure to remove unwanted hair below your neck and the sides. This does it a great deal. With a little more time and effort, you can trim your beard to equal strand lengths and wallah! You’re now a well-groomed man!

Anyway, grooming is to look clean and neat and that is all there is to it.

I, on the other hand, get myself a clean shave as that is easier. I do understand grooming and care do about it. But a clean shave is what suits me best… exposing my chubby cheeks. However, I’m careless about my hair too… and yup, that’s me down there.

maddy, madmans journey, messy hair

Maintaining your hair

This probably should have been the first heading as maintaining one’s hair is definitely the most important part! Anyway, let’s run along with it.


Too much or too less of anything is bad and we all know that, don’t we? Personally, I have great hair which is why I never did bother to look after it. Now, I have hints of grey popping out here and there… all thanks to my care of course.

hair wash

Back on track- speaking of shampooing- quite straight-forward, make sure to wash your hair at least twice a week (not continuous days). Ideally, when shampooing, apply oil (coconut oil is recommended) and rub it on the scalp of your head the night before. Let the oil seep in on your head overnight.

It sure is frustrating to get your bed linen filthy with oil. Find out how you can avoid an oily mess on your pillows right here.

Later shampoo with warm water the next day- JUST warm water! Finally, let cold water flow down your hair before you get to finish. To wipe your hair, keep in mind not to rub your hair harshly. If you have time, just press the towel tenderly on your head and let it suck the wetness out.

I recommended coconut oil as it also helps significantly if you have a hair thinning problem.

Shampoo brands… a thing you should know of

Now you know when to shampoo, but which shampoo? This all depends on the type of hair that you have. Some have soft hair while others bear rough thick strands: which one do you have? You’ve probably heard of a person suggesting a shampoo brand and another person contradicting that it damaged his/her hair. This isn’t because the product is unstable.

We all are different and that includes our hair. So make a small research on which shampoo would suit your hair type. These are a few brands suggested (Athrey)

For soft texture- Johnson’s Baby (yeah the baby soap)

Rougher texture- L’Oréal, Head & Shoulders, TRESemmé

Now if these aren’t available, there are always others that can aid you… you just need to look around.

Usage of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo usage isn’t very recommended so you can skip this part. But still, if that’s something you’re looking out for, then please do apply oil to your scalp before applying the dry shampoo. It can help in getting thicker volume. However, without proper care, it also has the power to break your hair.

Dealing with Weather

Oh sorry, need I remind you? We’re still in maintaining your hair here. The good news is that we’ve already covered the oiling and shampooing timings so… let’s get to the remaining parts.

In India, we all know how less pollution is around us. So it would be wise to wear a cap when you step out for a walk. For your bike ride, the helmet will do. If not for traffic rules, at least wear the helmet for the sake of your beloved hair!

During monsoons and winter, stay consistent with oiling your hair. Again… stay consistent, don’t put on more oil! Just make sure you oil once or twice a week during these seasons.

Trying out Different Styles

That’s all there is to hair maintaining as far as I’m concerned. Let’s move on the fun side of this thing now!

A simple straightforward answer to trying out different styles- yes. Well technically, you can’t do that if your style is set to someone. But still, yes.

Adding Volume to your hair

Some hairstyles- usually exotic ones- require more volume of hair. This might help you out:

When you wash your hair out, using a roller comb and a blow dryer and a hair product, either hairspray or hair cream, set it up in whichever direction you wish to. An alternative for this if you don’t have hair products here is oil.

Make use of only oil and the blow dryer to shape your hair here.

athrey agni

Saloons and barbers

When one steps into the fashion grounds, he/she learns that flexibility plays a vital role here. So yes, a fashion-enthusiast would try and taste the works of different artists.

However, if you like what you have and intend to keep your looks as it is, be firm about it. When you go to the saloon with your favorite barber in it, don’t compromise for another barber if the guy isn’t available. Wait for the person! If there’s something you want, it’s okay to be edgy and specific about it.

Now how do you speak to your barber or hairstylist if he or she is new to you?


If you speak hair well, then great! But if you don’t, you can bring a picture along of the way you want your hair and that serves a much better explanation.

Hair Products

Starting off with a home product would undoubtedly and typically be coconut oil. Be it dandruff or hair thinning. Take a small amount of oil and warm it up. Then apply it… or massage it on your scalp. (Yep, I already said this before) Leave it unattended for the night and wash the oil off with shampoo. That’s a classic yet traditional way of keeping your hair healthy.

If you’re asking of style products other than oil, we’re not here to speak of gel in any way. Any kind of hair gel – we wouldn’t buy it! Apart from the gel, we have hair cream and Athrey strongly recommends Brylcreem which he himself uses it. And for hair spray, Nova Gold Hairspray’s the one.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be used on a daily basis. Let’s say you’re attending someone’s grand wedding and you haven’t much time to get your hair right.

Most would hit a plush “professional” saloon for a 30-minute styling… and sprawling around comfortably. However, you can do it at home too with your few products. Remember- it’s not about how many products you have. It’s about how well you use the ones you have. If the saloon’s taste is irresistible then I can’t help it, but this will help at home.

Apply some of that newly bought cream on your hair and again- with a blowdryer and a roller hair comb, set it in the way you want it. Need not mention this, but after the occasion, make sure to wash off the cream or whichever product applied off your head preferably with shampoo. At the end of the day, they’re still chemicals!

Anyway, that’s all for hair stuff today… Ciao adios!


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