High fever, Bangalore and its Warmth

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If you’d make a sympathetic face if a guy had a high fever, then I’d say you’re pretty much human… and also- you probably aren’t in Bangalore.

Because here, just try saying you’ve got the high fever to anyone, no one really bothers. Not even the close ones to you for that matter.

I’d been to a grand family event not long ago and I told an uncle there, “I’ve had a viral fever this past week.” He looked at me still chewing on something, definitely uninterested in what I’d to say.

Then he replied as a matter of fact, “It’s December and it’s Bangalore, everyone’s gonna have it at some point here.”

Well, that’s another welcome to Bangalore. Sweet.

When it all started…

Around 8 PM late into the evening and my mom was continuously talking on the phone about how I should go to the doctor because I had a mild cold. I was half-listening to this part of course.

The next day, the ‘mild’ cold obviously turned into all sorts of body pain. I had to make a seminar that day and I barely managed it. Nobody listened of course. The seminar was the only thing that I attended that day and I came back. This time, I actually bothered to go to the clinic at my University.

When I went there, surprise surprise… the clinic had a consultation fee! So without knowing about it, I got my consultation. The lady stared at me for a long time as I handed her the prescription. I actually believed she was acting dumb, so I literally told her, “Ma’am, you have to give me the medicines written in the prescription in your hand.”

Then it was her turn to turn me around…. you see what I did back there?

She leaned forward and hissed, “And you need to pay for it.” And that was it. Till that time, I had thought the clinic care had come under the hostel payments. But it wasn’t apparently. So with all the body pain, I stumbled out of the clinic back to my hostel. I didn’t have any cash left so I had to borrow from my roommate or the other opposite kid.

Shitty surprises down the way

Second surprise! No one had cash in the hostel. So I headed to the ATM in my condition because it turns out that only I knew the pin to my ATM card. So off I stumbled. After almost half a mile walk… another surprise! The ATM had no small denominations. Since I couldn’t bother about anything at this point in time, I took out a considerable chunk and walked back straight to the clinic.

I still hadn’t reacted with the dumber expression that the receptionist expected of me.

“How much for it?” I asked… with absolutely no expression.

“That’ll be 164,” I paid it and got out with the medicines in my hand. I’d no intention of dealing with the lady any further. That entire day… and night I lay in bed rolling around with uneasiness. I mean, rolling on the bed is what I naturally do on a daily basis. But this one was more intense and forced. The next day, when I went to breakfast, my roommate told me I had been moaning with pain the whole night.

Talk of Backpain

I did have a lot of body pain alright. But most of all, I had back pain. So much of it… that I actually thought I was going through periods! That drilled in so much into my head, that when a guy asked me, “Are you having any sort of body pain?”

I replied, “I’m having periods.”

He looked at me a few seconds, not knowing what to say. I didn’t mean to say it out loud, so I didn’t know how to react to what I’d said either. After a long awkward silence, I said, “Backpain. I meant back pain.”

The next day, we had an event called Codeathon which turned out to be as dreadful as my fever. No, not because of my team members, but because of my inefficiency. My team members were really sweet to me. So sweet that when I was busy coding, they gathered around and neatly brushed my hair and put a couple of hair clips on it.

They further went on to take a picture of me that way and make that picture as our group’s display picture. I sighed, looking at the picture.

So much for a sick guy, and all they did was giggle.

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