Hiresine Review: Legit or Scam? (Updated)

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Is Hiresine Legit? No, Hiresine is not a legit site to make money. It’s just one of the many scam websites out there that expects you to spend time on their site and click on ads.

With that, the entire review of Hiresine that you’ll read from here is an elaboration of how and why it’s a scam.

HiresnPaid writing ads all around you

When you look for keywords like ‘Online writing jobs’, Hiresine pops up as an ad. When you enter it, there are more ads that claim to provide you the same services you searched for. I personally don’t trust ads that come along with these keywords. Most of the time, they turn out to be just sites with useless content.

Hiresine.com is like any of them. What’s more? The services it claims to provide are too good to be true in the online writing industry. About the paid writing ads: Once you enter the site, along with the site’s content, you’ll find ads scattered all over the place.

Any professional site that is actually willing to pay you never has ads lying around. Why? Because you aren’t the customer! This site that you are currently in does have ads too.

Because this is a blog. I’m not offering you any services apart from content. Most of the ads on Hiresine relate to writing jobs on other sites.

If Hiresine did have any system or platform for writers, then the ads would potentially affect their traffic. But of course, they don’t care. They want people to spend more time and click on those ads so they can earn more- for that’s their source of income.


The site also has an SSL certificate for security (HTTPS). In a way, it is safe to look around the site.

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I wish I could say the numbers are true i.e if there really were any numbers

Now just like every professional site, this one has its own ‘About’ page. The catch comes when you go through it- there isn’t a single person’s name provided on the page. Instead, there are bogus claims of what Hiresine does and how ‘It began in 2013’. Apart from mentioning names, the only term used all over the page is ‘We’.

Ads placed on Hiresine don’t make sense

Legitimate sites that actually offer writing jobs or even just submissions do NOT put up ads of other writing networks on their own site. Such ads can potentially divert their hard-earned traffic to those other sites. However, Hiresine.com is signed up with Google Adsense due to which the ads placed are all relevant to their content.

You might not see the ads with an ad blocker turned on, but without it, you’ll see that the ads have been placed in such a way to make them look like part of the site. This makes me strongly believe that it is one of the very few sources of income for Hiresine. As far as I’ve looked for the business module used here, there is none.

It’s just a site with worthless content that gets traffic by tricking people to believe that the site is genuine. The longer they stay on the site, hoping to find something, the more money it makes with its ads. And I bet it hopes you click those ads for more revenue!

Hiresine Review: Submission and forms

Be it any legitimate writing site, there is supposedly a submission email, any kind of form, or any other way of signing up. Here, there is none. Sure, there is a ‘Login’ page on the menu bar.

Which, I’m pretty sure, no one could possibly sign up until today (apart from the site owner probably). If the site really does have users in the background, then there was definitely a time when they signed up. This means they’d have to click ‘Apply Now’ to sign up.

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But check this out yourself, click on ‘Apply Now’ and then see where it takes you… back to the page where you entered through the ad! So you might find a couple of forms after struggling and their ‘official business’ email address to which you can submit your details. That’s where it gets dangerous – you have successfully wasted your time.

That message will go nowhere. If it really does one day, you may tell me all about it in the comment section below, I’d be happy to hear it.

I know this because I DID try to sign up. There wasn’t even a confirmation email… or any email for that matter sent to me later on from the site.

Amusing “Client reviews” on Hiresine

This was probably the most amusing thing I saw on this site. The first two seemed believable (although the pictures of the faces seemed familiar) as they claimed to be by a ‘student’ and a ‘housewife’. But this was the next one:

hiresine client review
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After looking up for quite a while for anything named ‘Torry Pines’, let alone ‘James Stevens’, there wasn’t anything relevant. I think it misspelled for ‘Torrey Pines’. Even then, there wasn’t anything relevant and definitely no James Stevens related to Torrey Pines. Even if there is, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the ‘CEO’.

But then the next ‘Client’ pinned was even more intriguing… John Doe:

hiresine client john doe
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A pretty cool name, don’t you think? For those of you who don’t know- John Doe is a term used when referring to an unknown person or a person who is intentionally being concealed. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

Anyway, if there is a person named John Doe, nobody’s heard of the company ‘Taylor’ let alone the CEO of it. Oh and that picture of John Doe that you see is taken from a demo WordPress theme site.

Speaking of Hiresine’s theme, the website runs on WordPress and the theme it uses is Sydney by Athemes. You may check it out here for yourself here (That links to the demo site of Athemes).

Hiresine Review: So is it legit?

Hiresine.com is NOT a legitimate site for writers– or anyone for that matter. It’s a worthless site that puts up ads related to similar opportunities. No legitimate writing site does this as it will lose its own potential users to the ads. These ads are the only source of income for Hiresine. They only hope you spend more time on their site reading a whole lot of useless content and hope you click on those ads so they can earn more.

Hiresine.com pays to put up its ads on keywords like ‘Paid writing jobs’. And then makes its revenue by placing ads of other writing companies on its own site. I honestly don’t know if it actually makes profits this way. But if it does, then it’s also successfully tricking people, wasting everyone’s time, and of course- misleading Google itself… or more like robbing from it.

If you’re visiting the site- you’re just helping the scam make more money.

Something you should know about the writing industry today

The number of searches for paid writing gigs has been going up recently. I totally get it. You are free. And you’re trying to help the nation’s economy or trying to earn a bit to buy more toilet papers.

Whatever it is, I think you’re a great person already! I respect that. But as a long-term blogger and a freelance writer (not anymore), I advise you to be very VERY careful. 

Companies out there that already have writers are letting them down. All these agencies that run, they’re generally able to pay writers when they have a steady affiliate and advertising income. But as it turns out, due to this epidemic, a whole lot of industries are down.

Whatever niche of writing you wish to take up – Fashion, Technical, Beverage, and Travel writing, they are rolling downhill and still moving.

With stores and traveling opening up, opportunities for internships and jobs have increased again in these sectors.

There sure are plenty of legit sites out there, but you just have to look out for which is which. Interestingly, the number of scam sites such as this one seems to have increased. Talentdesire is also one of these, not to mention DailyOnlineJobs.com. So be extra careful!

On the other hand, I’ve provided some reviews of some other writing sites- some of which are legit. So check them out later on if you like.

Guest Posts and Other writing sites (with some credibility)

If you really wish to write, try starting with guest posts for free- it’s possibly the best way to start. Here are some reviews of some other sites that I wrote (more legitimate ones) you can try starting with:

Internshala is another way to land writing legit jobs. Check out my review on it before you dive in.

Now, if that’d be all. Happy quarantine y’all!

Other reviews on Hiresine:

And the list goes on, Hiresine is popular enough to have about a dozen websites reviewing it (including this one). They’re available on Reddit as well.

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  1. Thanks. I read along but gave them the benefit of doubt on their wrong spellings here and there. Also, no confirmation email. Jazaakallaahu khayran.

  2. Thanks Maddy for this short gist, have actually registered and waiting for response…..you actually save a time…….drop a message.

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    1. Same here. I decided to search if it was legit when I got tired of moving around the website with no headway. Many thanks for this review

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