Music goals

Starting to learn to play guitar

First off, let me begin by saying that I DON’T play guitar for a living. I’m seventeen, so I still have a lot of other options. But yes, one day I sure would love it, if I could earn out of what I love doing. It’s just been a little over a year since I’ve started playing guitar now. It’s not that playing guitar is my only hobby, but it’s my favorite one compared to others, so I thought of taking it first.

Buying a new guitar…

After my 10th grade, during my vacations, my dad started teaching me the basics of a guitar, with his guitar. I took it with great interest, learning many things in a short span of time, mostly because I invested a great deal of time in it. So when my vacations ended, I got my own brand new Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar.

My dad told me that whenever I got stressed out with my studies, I could pick my guitar up and relax for a while. Oh but NO, that’s not how it turned out. It was entirely the other way around. Whenever I would be stressed out with my guitar, then I would take up my subjects to relax. Frankly, I never had an interest in attending a guitar class to learn it professionally. I assumed it would be a waste of time and money. So I started learning whatever I wanted from off the net, mostly from YouTube. I spent around a couple of hours on weekdays on it and sometimes up to 5-6 hours on weekends. Of course I got those kinds of weekends pretty rarely and moreover, I ended up getting nauseous at the end of the day. So I stopped that.

Anyways that’s all about my guitar hobby.

If you’re interested in this hobby of mine, ask me anything about it below ;)

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