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There are probably going to be more of these hostel articles from now onwards as truth be told: I’m a blogger who’s into an Engineering College. Furthermore, I don’t mind spilling the fact that I’ll be sticking around in Reva University, Bangalore (or Bengaluru) for the next four years… probably.

I won’t elaborate much about the campus as I usually don’t do that sort of stuff here anyway. But I’ve got to say this- It’s so large that it’s got its own Health Center and an ambulance! I don’t know if that’s common in most huge Universities but I find it cool.

Let’s just get to what we were here for.

Speakin’ of Hostel…

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Before we begin the fun-vee part of this, allow me to make a tiny request to all the people outside hostels:

Some find it easy to cope up with the hostel life and manage it just fine. Others don’t. They might feel it extremely difficult to adjust to the atmosphere. So if you have a person who’s really close to you moving into one, make sure to support him/her.

At least give them a couple of minutes of your day and that would really mean the world to some of them out there. I’ve seen people breaking down here and there and I’m just glad I’m not one of them.

Enough sappiness for today- let’s get into it.

Why not clothes?

I’ve heard people saying “I wash my own underwear” or “I used to wash my underwear”. They typically say it to express the struggles they’ve been through or to show their independence.

Let me tell you why they specifically say ‘underwear’… because that’s all they ever washed. Here in my hostel, I wash my own underwears (socks too, occasionally) and nothing else. The rest of the clothing goes to the laundry anyway.

We basically are given two bags (sacks). And we have two days during which we can submit one bag of clothes that need cleaning and collect the other bag which we’d have submitted earlier.

And that’s the entirety of the cycle. Nothing more, nothing less. So don’t fall into the trap of people who wash their own underwears. Also, don’t ask how I wash my own underwear- that’s highly confidential.


Hostels sure are meant just to give you a place to stay and provide food. It’s similar here too… except that the hostel is inside the University campus, which by the way, is fortified with over 12 feet stone walls.

I find it relatable to airports. Because people who work in airports don’t ever seem to get affected by the world outside. If World War 3 takes place, then the Pizza Hut in the airport might still be busy as ever. Moreover, even the people who work in it usually don’t see many changes around…

That’s exactly how this environment is. Yesterday I stepped out of the campus and found myself staring at cars honking at one another, trucks leaving clouds of dust behind ’em and the entire place. I, along with some of my buddies, found ourselves completely alien to this world outside the campus… so we scampered back in together.

Orthodox facts

Yep, I’d call this part ‘orthodox facts’ as this part contain answers to questions that every single individual that wants to know a little about my hostel life. Here goes:

I have two roommates.

They’re great (formalities sake’). One’s from (bleep) and the other guy’s from (bleeeep).

Each room has its own bathroom and toilet.

Hot water is available only during the mornings.

I bought a discreet guitar for my stay here.

We’re allowed to keep our phones, laptops but not any sort of high electricity consuming appliances like iron… and we can’t keep a desktop.

I’ve already explained about laundry so that’s all there is to say about it.

See ya kid

And that would be all. Tell me if you’ve got some hostel experience- or not. Anyway, until next time!

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