How I locked the cupboard with the Key inside…

This one’s probably the most random piece you’ll ever be reading. But it also turns out to be the stupidest thing I’ve done in my 18 years of existence… and it sure ain’t gonna take much of your time. So let’s get it done!

Sort of lock and key that I own

I have the sort of lock which doesn’t require its key to get it locked. So unaware, I closed my cupboard doors and then… locked it. After a few seconds, I looked at the lock and then realized I didn’t have the keys with me.

Since my roommate was searching for something in it, I asked him, “Dude, have you seen my cupboard keys?”

He replied, “Oh yeah, I’d placed it inside your cupboard.”

I stood there and stared at him. “Well, I locked it.”

Picklocking and Bricks

However, my roommate(Vishal… also the tech-writer)  claimed that he knew how to picklock. So after failing to ‘picklock’ with a paper-cutter and a toothpick, he asked me to get a hairpin from the girls’ hostel. I’d no other choice so I immediately texted up 3 girls I knew… literally asking for a hairpin out of the blue.

A few moments later, a guy from the opposite room came into my room with a brick and smashed the lock off.

Yup. He could’ve done that before I texted. But here’s the real twist. We opened the cupboard and looked around for the keys… and it wasn’t there!

Coming to an end

So where were the keys? Right after I found out that the cupboard was empty, I remembered that I’d kept the keys on my bed just before locking it! I turned around and looked at my bed. It was lying right there.

Right in the middle of the bed actually. In fact, I had been sitting on the same keys when I was texting- asking for a hairpin. The moment I picked up my keys, the four guys who were watching my entire drama began to clap and exploded with laughter.

At that moment, one of the girls that I’d texted for a hairpin, called up to ask what the fuck was going on. I picked it up.

“Why do you need a hairpin? What’s going on?” she asked.

After a long silence, I replied, “Dude, I don’t need the hairpin now… as I found my keys which had been under my ass the whole time. I’ll call you back after I cry for three hours at a corner in my hostel. Bye-bye.”

“Wait! What keys are you…?” I’d already cut the call and found myself a corner in my hostel…

That’d be the story for now. Felt like you needed to know- that is if you know how to read of course. But anyway, I have a feeling the next short piece is going to be a continuation of this one. So be ready for… another one!


Spoiler alert and update: It’s been over four months and 2 more messed-up guitar shows now and I still haven’t written that next story. So if I were you, I wouldn’t be waiting for it.



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