Thorough Internshala Review (Updated)

Internshala review

Spoiler alert: I nailed an internship on Internshala! Content writing, of course. Now let me tell you what you’d need to do to get yourself an internship too- here goes Internshala Review!

This establishment has been coming up very fast recently. It’s still growing. But, day by day- it’s definitely gaining more and more attention. Now the question is, is it completely reliable for an internship. For a simple answer- yes. But let me explain further about it. I shall also explain about how to nail an internship of your interests.

Furthermore, I’ll also give a short review of Internshala’s content writing and Programming So here I give you- Internshala Review.

Reliability and putting in Efforts


Since I’ve gotten along with it fine till now, I’d say it’s very reliable. But that, of course, depends on the person. Before you apply for any of the internships, it is mandatory for one to put effort into building up the resume. It wasn’t really tough for me as I aimed to apply for content writing internships.

As for my resume, I had this blog site as an advantage to flaunt about. You need to understand this, Internshala mainly focuses on providing internships to students who are currently pursuing their degree courses. So it is completely okay if you do not have much to put up on your resume.

internshala review

However, you can fill in your resume with the itsy-bitsy stuff. For example- you can put up about how you won in a speech competition in your school. There’s even a hobby part on the resume where you can make it colorful by exhibiting your talents. It may not sound like it, but it definitely helps you to make a bright resume.

Get your profile rating up before anything else.

This part takes a little time, but it’s easy. You don’t need to pay for it either, don’t worry. It’s basically a quiz which seems to get a little tougher in each level. There are multiple-choice questions as well as phrase answering. By the time you complete your quizzes, you’re already capable of getting an internship.


Internshala Review
Internshala rating page

It isn’t that difficult to bring up your rating to 5-stars. Take your time, and it’ll run smoothly.

Applying for internships

The rating part is over. Here comes the most important part. If you’ve really taken your time to improve your rating, then by the time, you’d have no issues in applying for your internships. Moreover, you might even get one right away just after applying for a few. But, you need to take time and understand what they really want from you.

Internshala supports copying your answer from the previous application to the next. But on a personal note, try to copy just a few parts of your answer. Make the rest of the answer personalized for that particular company or organization. That shall increase your chance of getting the internship as that can show you’re genuinely interested in getting an internship in that particular company.

Internshala review
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Some of the most popular internships available would be on the programming side, content writing, and web development. Another sector that’s always on the high is social media marketing. And the most trending workspace? That’d be work-from-home. There are part-time and full-time job internships available too.

But the work-from-homes are getting popular these days. For one, it gives time flexibility. Two, you don’t need to spend any time of your day to travel to the workplace. You can even stay in bed all day and just work there but don’t do that.

About these companies

Every day, there are many companies looking for fresh interns. They all seem to offer a moderate stipend and a certificate. The time period of these internships is typically to be around 2-3 months. So, where are all these companies coming from?

There is a combination of both well-developed and successful companies who’re looking for fresh talent. On the other side, there are a lot of startups who are ready to invest in hiring interns. The company that I got an internship is pretty small. It’s just over two years old. They have a website that depends on Google Adsense monetization.

So my job is to write articles for this company. After observing the company site’s statistics, I can confidently say that they’re paying me out of their own pockets and not from the company’s revenue. It’s all a trial-and-error.

The person who’s guiding me seems to have a job in the daytime, and by evening, he runs a small company with some interns under him.

My perception- So why are these startups looking for interns?

The people behind these simple startups are just normal people on their usual daily routine of handling a 9-5 job. They wish to start something new, something that can turn out to be an asset for them over time. And they’re ready to invest for it. They’re willing to pay money out of their personal earnings in order to pay interns.

Part-time Internships

One of my friends managed to get another legit internship from Internshala. It wasn’t, however, work-from-home like mine. It was part-time. These are really nice to take up too, as you will sometimes have to just work on weekends of the week (both Saturday and Sunday). It gives the work a better workspace experience than work-from-home. Apart from that, part-time jobs also comparatively pay higher than work-from-home jobs.

But of course, they won’t be paying you as much as they would pay a full-time worker. But that’s okay.

Win-win situation

Anyway, with interns, they can get work done without costing them much.  Interns have nothing against it either as the main motive is to gain exposure and experience. So it’s usually a win-win situation. But there are some companies out there that wish to get work done without paying too. It’s alright if they say it upfront that no stipend be provided. But some promise to pay and later disappear.

So beware of these. Speaking of being careful, let’s move on, shall we?

Internshala Training Review

Grammarly Logo
This goes both ways here. Now, if you are already engaged with some work related to the internship you wish to pursue, there’s a great chance you might dislike the course. Moreover, unlike Udemy, the training here is to be time-bound and more expensive. Now, if you’re trying to get an internship, you need to have a trustworthy resume. I made one thoroughly with the help of Grammarly.

So, how do you build your resume when you don’t have any experience, anywhere? That is where certificates come in. These pieces of training provide certificates on the completion of the course. There is a good chance to land an internship itself if you have a related certificate from them. But more experienced people in the business say that Internshala certificates aren’t that worthy on an international level, and hence of no use.

Apart from that, Internshala Training is claimed to be more expensive and to have less content. When I went through a dozen other reviews, most of them from Quora, I found something odd. All of those who say that the training is definitely worth it has provided a coupon code for a percentage of discounts along with their answers. It seems as though they’re getting a discount for their training courses when they write these answers on Quora. Check them out yourselves.

Some things you need to look out for

Even Internshala’s initial training gives a brief explanation about things you need to look out for:

  •  Companies asking for an initial payment: There are some companies in which your application might get shortlisted. Later, without prior information, they request you to pay an initial amount in order to start your internship. Don’t ever fall for it. First off, you’re working for them- and you’re paying them too? It’s plainly absurd. So stay away if you find any such companies.
  • The offer letter: Before you start working for any of the internships, make sure that they send you an official offer letter stating the key details of the internship. Without it, it’s better not to start. With my internship, I had to ask for the offer letter twice and later managed to get it. The offer letter serves as proof that the company agreed to pay you and provide a certificate for your work in it.
  • … And that’s pretty much it. The rest of the teeny tiny warnings can be mentioned by Internshala.

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Author’s note: *This post contains affiliate links (not Internshala) while I still keep my review unbiased. I receive a small commission from the links at no additional cost of the products to you. Also, I ONLY recommend products that I personally trust*


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