Is Batu Caves Worth Visiting?

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I had been to Batu Caves when I was pretty young, and I still do remember the interiors of the caves. The idols resting on the insides and of course the enormous golden Lord Murugan statue on the entrance. As a kid, I wasn’t very fond of history and yet I have to say- I remember a lot about Batu Caves. With that, let’s talk about it- is Batu Caves worth visiting?

Is it worth visiting?

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If you’re on your way to Malaysia for a holiday and wish to know if Batu Caves is worthy enough to be on your touring list- that all depends on you. Though I don’t like history much, I was pretty eager to visit all the Hindu Idols there. And being young back then, climbing up the 272 steps to make it up to the caves excited me. My parents found interest in the idols so we all found the caves definitely worth visiting.

There is a part of the Batu Caves meant for hiking. We didn’t go for it and yet just the walk around the main cave with the idols was satisfying. Batu Caves is supposedly a temple. Though the temple has thousands of visitors a day, the spot inside the cave always remains peaceful.

How peaceful you ask? My dad and I observed water drops falling from the tip of a rock formation above us which was around ten stories high. So the moment the drops would hit the ground, we could hear its ‘Plinks!’ clearly.

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A little more about Batu Caves

As it turns out, Batu Caves is the name given to the entire hill itself – a limestone hill to be specific. Outside India, it is one of the most popular shrines in the Hindu religion. Just as its entrance explains, it is dedicated to Lord Murugan. The caves are considered to have been formed for over four hundred million years now.

Since one of the main features of Batu Caves is its steps, let’s talk about it. Back in 1920, wooden steps were built and later on, they shifted them to concrete. When I visited the place, the steps, though seemingly many, were plain in color. However, recently in 2018, the temple’s management repainted the steps all the way up to the entrance. No, not with another plain color…

Batu caves stairs. batu caves steps paint

It looks like this now! Hues of yellow, orange, red, blue, and green light up the way to the temple. Man, I wish I could visit the temple again. If you are a photo/selfie freak, then the steps definitely can help you bring more colors to your vacation pictures.

To the basics

Now, to the part, we’ve all been waiting for- the simple questions and answers. I’m sorry if I made you wait too long. Well anyway, speaking of timings– it opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 9 at night.

And how much time do you need? It generally takes around two hours tops to go around the place. People do speak about a proper dress code while visiting Batu Caves as it’s a temple. But when I’d been there, there wasn’t any dress code as such. People were on with their shorts and even with ‘short shorts’… or whatever you wish to call it.

About the distance, Batu Caves is around 11 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. If you wish to explore Malaysia more deeply, then you can take the long way of the train and bus. But we didn’t have time for that, so we got ourselves a taxi and made it there much faster. We had no trouble communicating as the Malay language is pretty close to Indonesia (and I know Indonesian… I have made a piece on the basics of Bahasa Indonesia, check it out here)

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And that’s all my say on my visit to Batu Caves. In fact, Batu Caves was the last spot we visited in Malaysia. Right after that, we got a cab back to the airport. I slept through the way as I was exhausted from climbing. And I was back in Indonesia before I knew it.

I wished I could visit Malaysia again. No, not just Batu Caves. The Kuala Lumpur (Petronas) tower. The Genting Highlands and its super fun rides. All of them! Well, that’s for another time…

On the bright side, I do hope you figured out if Batu Caves is worth visiting or not. And do enjoy your vacation… happy holiday!