Jewel Changi Airport: A Quick Peek

A little background to my experience when I went to visit the waterfall (It’s actually called the Shisheido Forest Valley) in Jewel Changi Airport. I, along with my dad, was going back to India from Indonesia as my 1st sem in Reva Uni was about to begin soon. We arrived at Changi Airport in the evening and our flight was over midnight. You guessed it! We had a little over a couple of hours to go.

So what did we do? Jewel had been built about 5 years ago and we still hadn’t visited that. Thus, we now found it a great opportunity! And boy, I have to tell you! It is much better than it looks on Google Images when you actually see it with your own eyes! They even have light shows with the waterfall in the evenings.

jewel changi airport

Though the Jewel is open 24 hours, the Jewel light shows are held on particular time intervals in the evenings. The show timings of it are 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM, 10:30 PM and 11:30 PM. Luckily, the shows don’t charge you extra or anything of the sort, they’re free for everyone alright. You just have to be there to enjoy it.

Where is Jewel Changi Airport?

Changi Airport is considered to be the best airport in the world and without any kind of map, you’re sure to get lost in there. If you just have an hour or so to catch your flight, it might turn out to be risky to visit the Jewel as it is considerably- a long walk. So make sure you’ve got time first.

Though a separate building from the terminals, the Jewel seamlessly interconnects with the airport’s first terminal. We didn’t have to step out to make it there, it’s just a long walk inside from the terminals (bridges connect to it from terminal 2 and 3).

What really is Jewel at Changi?

I didn’t really get why were they spending (over a billion dollars actually) so much just for something entertaining at Changi. Sure, they do a lot, but this one seemed to be the biggest of them all. So what is its purpose? As it turned out, when I walked into the Jewel, it is actually a retail complex.

jewel changi airport waterfall

The main feature of the complex at the center- the Jewel Changi Airport waterfall, is surrounded by a number of big shops in a flawless arrangement.

Features of the Jewel Waterfall

Blunting out to the key point, it is the world’s biggest indoor waterfall. By big, when you first walk towards it, it might not seem much… until you can see up at its roof. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video of Jewel Waterfall right below here.

Apart from that, it isn’t just a waterfall. They call it a ‘Lush complex where nature meets retail’. And boy is it true to its tagline! The ambiance of the area around the waterfall makes it all the more worth visiting. The closer you stand to the waterfall, the more blissful water sprinkles on your jacket… if you’re wearing one of course. Nothing compulsory. (Let’s just hope my sense of humor is working here)

Jewel Waterfall Show

Since the ambiance was so peaceful, we decided to sit there for a while. Later on, we further decided to have our dinner there too! As we had our dinner, surprise-surprise! The show began! I couldn’t take much of a video of it with my phone in one hand and a fork in another. So don’t judge my skills here.

Catching our flight

Our dinner timed so well with the show, that we decided we had another half-an-hour. So we decided to go down to the floor below as well. This is where the waterfall ends and you can’t feel those water sprinkles anymore. Anyway, what you can see is the water sliding down the huge thick glass funnel from the outer end… didn’t get what I just said? That was the whole point.

Anyway, this might help you.

Um, I thought it would really help… I didn’t realize I had just one picture here of me hugging the glass. Anyway, that was all to our journey of visiting the Jewel in Changi Aiport. And we were off! You should probably off too. Considering the fact that you’re still here reading this, why not pack up now and give this little spot a visit? Anyway, it isn’t just the thing to see in Singapore.

Singapore is a paradise for tourists. We all know that. I’ve been to so many places there and yet I have written much on many of them- the adventures never seem to end! Well, what I have written recently is the Bali Travel Blog… why not give it a read and then just take flight from Changi Airport after visiting the Jewel, eh?

Yup, I’m bad at jokes… I won’t try that next time, I promise! And a happy day to you!