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“I’m still learning”  – Michelangelo, Age 87

There is a whole science to why people still learn. The days in school aren’t the only learning days in a person’s life. Learning in school when we put it bluntly is to ‘fit in the society’ or ‘get a damn job’.

Learning is a never-ending process.

Pleasure isn’t only in checking Instagram feeds, shopping or drinking, but also learning. What makes learning stand out is that the outcome of it is always on the positive side!


Here are some Benefits Of learning

  • It makes you feel happy/content. There is a tiny feeling of satisfaction if you learn something today. Be it good or bad, but you learned something. That is what really matters!
  • It allows to actually think on your own. Learning is one of the rare activities which gets you thinking and makes you ask questions. Innovative ideas don’t come up by engaging on social media. It comes when you’re mind is completely free or when you start learning something.
  • Makes you a more likable being. The more you learn about something. The more chances you have of being the most knowledgable person in the room.
  • Engage with more people around you. The more you learn, the more things you’ll find common among people. Connect and make more friends.
  • Learning helps you get more. By more, it can mean in terms of respect or money. It depends on you. (Now please don’t learn just to more… read on, there are a few things to keep in mind)
  • Builds up your confidence. It is obvious. If you’re knowledgeable about something very much, then confidence kicks in naturally!
  •  Lets you know your strength. The moment you start learning, you’ll find things that interest you and that don’t. Interest leads to deeper learning in that particular topic which in turn strengthens you in a particular field. Hence, learning does let you know where you should really go.
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  • Make better decisions. Whether you are a housekeeper or a businessman, it helps you make even your smallest decisions better. With more learning, one will have more options to choose from.
  • Makes your learning faster. If you’re in touch with learning, then the process of learning itself will prove to be easier and faster over time.
  • Builds a better perspective of the world. One starts to have a broader perspective of things when learning begins.

Love learning, not its outcome

Now, on the 5th point, there are some words in the bracket. Let me elaborate that.

People get a degree in Architecture to become an architect. A degree in Engineering to become one. Basically, people learn to earn. Well, in today’s generation, there is no other way. I agree with that.

But since you’re here reading this, then I assume you learn for yourself. Just reminding you another time: Enjoy learning. Don’t learn only to expect an outcome later.

Where Do I begin Learning?

The next big question that comes up is ‘how does one start learning?’… if you’ve decided to start learning something new of course.

There are a lot of various methods of learning something new every day. Some of them might not even be mentioned here. But ushering you to learn, the most popular and convenient methods of learning have been provided below.

I’ve divided the sources of learning into two main sections.

The first is the ‘Evergreen methods’ where you have the well-known sources of learning such as books, magazines, musical instruments and such.

The other section is probably what you came here for… websites that help you learn in a short span of time. Well, if this is really what you’re here for, take a long scroll down to the dark red heading, ”


The Evergreen methods of learning

Let us start off with the simplest and the most general…

learning something new

1. Read books

Books for learning do not have to be necessarily boring old textbooks. They can also be novels. Yes, many might say reading novels is a waste, but it isn’t true.

Well, it depends on the author too. For example, Sidney Sheldon is one great author whose books give an idea of how the business worlds, the political worlds run and so on.

Another such author is Dan Brown. His books come under the category of Thriller/mystery and yet all the facts that are mentioned in them about museums, theories by different individuals and historical places are all true to the last point.

Maybe some novels have more fictionality than information from which you learn something, but they all do have something you can learn from.

2. Play a musical instrument

Be it a piano or a violin, whichever might interest you, start learning it! Forget 30 minutes, even spending 15 minutes every day on your instrument can make you a sweet musician by a year or two. (given that you actually focus hard for those 15 minutes)

It’s predefined, one or two years is not at all a short span of time. Probably the reason why most don’t bother trying. But being a bit of a guitarist myself, I’d say it is definitely worth it.

For learning to play musical instruments, you don’t really have to go to a music tutor, you can learn at home. I learned to play the acoustic guitar with the help of YouTube and nothing else! (Internet… such a powerful source of communication and almost everything. Utilize it the best way possible!)

Apart from Youtube, now there are also other apps, Yousician being one such app. There are probably a few other websites which are mentioned in the next section so keep engaged.

3. Take a walk out

Looking at the present generation, this point is worth giving voice to. We now live in a generation where everything can be done from home.

Eat at home, buy at home, sleep at home, and even work at home. For a change, we don’t step out. Instead, we turn to Netflix. So keeping this in mind, I’d say learning can also happen by taking a walk out on your neighborhood.

Walking out gives you an idea of the people around. Look at how people spend their time in your locality, discover new places around…  (if you ask me, ‘how is this productive, in any way?’ I’d say it helps a lot in personality development. Do it once and thank me later… if you’ve enjoyed it of course)

There is the added benefit of simple exercise too as you walk.

4. Read Magazines

Magazines, such as The Week, usually contain all general topics out of which at least one is found interesting by one or the other individual. They range from Religion, Politics to new inventions, short stories, and fashion.

Another way a magazine can help is if you are a writer. Articles all over the magazine undoubtedly have rich vocabulary from which an aspiring writer might benefit.

Apart from learning something through Magazines, there is the added good of keeping up to date with the present times.

5. Start a blog… (Highly optional)

Starting a blog, be it free from Blogspot or wix.com or a paid one, it is one of the most authentic ways to learn something new every day.

Taking my example here itself, this mediocre-sized run for profit website that you are currently in is my personal blog/website. Over time, by blogging, I’ve developed my writing skills on an immeasurable scale.

There is almost no end to the possibilities and doorways you can walk through once you start blogging. Starting with learning how peoples’ minds really work to various aspects of online businesses, it is a universe on its own.

Maybe, just maybe! If you’ve started blogging and do it in an impeccable manner, you might as well make a decent income out of it!

Also, when one starts to blog, he or she starts following the best well-suited blogger out there who’s had the experienc.e with it. One of my personal favorite blogger out there is Magali Vaz- A fashion blogger.

So if you can’t start out a blog, then make sure to at least follow other bloggers out there.

But if you do want to start out a professional blog and want to know how this site was actually born, I started out with the help of another site named ‘Travelista’. Check my article out on that right here!

Engage to learn more

I would consider this the most important of all. Most people when they decide to learn about something, they do learn about it. And just stop right there.

For example, if a person wants to become a photographer. Then it is natural that he buys books, goes through tutoring videos and courses learning about photography.

But that is all that happens. You just learn from other sources. Who is really going to take a camera out and try a few shots?

Another example: If one wants to start blogging, he or she learns all about it- the pros and cons and risks and so on. But a very few of them bother to actually start. So to actually learn something deeply, engage with it.

Top Websites to learn something new (15-30 minutes a day)

Engage with Quora

Quora is an app where you can pick in your favorite niches on which you can find people all over the world asking questions, answering them and hundreds of articles on these topics.

Further, you can engage with people by answering questions or asking questions. Quora is also probably another way to keep up-to-date with your favorite subjects.

Watch Ted Talks

Listen to mind-blowing talks by people with expertise in a specific area or people with outstanding talent in something. Don’t bother to enter the website to watch every time.

Have the videos come to your inbox.

Duolingo: A language learning app

If you’re starting off to learn a new language, this app will probably help you out with its easy ways.

Spanish: hola como estas! (Hi, how are you?)

Check out Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic is a site that asks you to spend a meager 15 minutes a day by learning something from it.

It boasts visual explanations which of course takes lesser time to learn from than actually reading. So that would be time-saving.


Edx is an organization which gives you online courses from some of the most recognized Universities all over the world.

For Music: Yousician and AndyGuitar


There are many other websites for learning music from but these two are my personal favorites.

With Yousician, you can start learning by holding your instrument straight away. Whereas, AndyGuitar starts a course of playing the guitar from the basics.

Online courses at Coursera

Another organization, very popular for its online courses from the best companies and universities. What’s more? You can even get a degree through here!

4 pics 1 word

This is basically just an addictive word game. (That link provided above is for the pc version of the game- it’s usually played on phones) Click here for the mobile app.

What’s this simple game about? It consists of 4 different pictures from which you have to guess the right word for them. It can help you develop your vocabulary skills as well as learn more things from the pictures.

Have a look if you’re interested in learning, you’ll be sure to find it amazing!

Learn coding with Udacity

If you aspire to learn computer coding or putting it generally, more about latest technology, nano technology and so on, then Udacity is where you would want to be.

They have some of the best experts on the field to guide you. People have also made their careers out with the help of it.


You need a conclusion? No, you need to get out there and start learning something… like now! So go on, enjoy learning!



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