Let us first have a look at what love handles are. These are the fats residing on the sides of the waist. Unlike the cute name that’s given to this part of a vaguely chubby body, there is nothing pretty about having it. But looking at it from an expansive aspect, many people around us (probably including you) have it. I have it as well, not afraid to say that.

Looking at this closely, the first part that starts to accumulate fat visibly is the waist. So practically speaking, a stout person cannot lose his love handles before he loses fat in all the other regions of the body. In that case, I would say losing love handles is the goal for any plump kid.

What I strive for

Making it abundantly clear, I haven’t lost my love handles completely. That is my objective for now. Going through numerous articles on the web, I would advise you to not keep your expectations high when you click “How to lose love handles in two days?” or “How to lose fat in a week?”  It is possible to lose a tremendous amount of weight within two hours. This, of course, isn’t permanent. The following day the person returns to his usual mass. Now that is not what I’m really aiming for.

I’m certain I am not fat and I can say that with poise. People who’d known me a couple of years back don’t even recognize me at times. The way my jaw used to hold a bulk of flab under it was unimaginable. Some even referred to me as ‘Baymax’ from the movie ‘Big Hero 6’. But now that isn’t the case. Become a little mindful about my health, I’ve reduced my weight at a pretty remarkable rate.

Now my next target is to lose the remaining bulk of fat hanging on like a dead reptile on my body, love handles.

How did I do it?

If you ask me how I managed to lose so much flab in a year, honestly, I’m not so sure myself. For this year at least, I made sure that I

  • Work out at least 30-35 minutes a day. This includes body stretching as a warm-up, jogging for 15-17 minutes non-stop, crunches and push-ups.
  • Apart from this, other things that I have been trying to take care of, is drinking tea occasionally. Tea with milk and sugar (the way I really like it) does have a huge effect on our diet.
  • Last, but not least, I try my best to not eat anything after 7 or 8 pm. I used to find it strange when I heard people having dinner at such an early hour as most of the families here have it around at 9 or 10…sometime later. Now I realize that this is an essential step to be followed.
  • Even if I do eat late, I make sure I don’t sleep right away, no matter how tired I am. I just sit or walk around for an hour or so before dozing off.
  • Drinking lots of water. That also has been helping with my skin now.

Easy stuff…

  • Staying active most of the day. There was a time when I used to sit on my bench all day at school. Now, whenever there’s a break, I just take a tour around with some of my buddies (animals from my stories).
  • Not taking up a serious amount of stress about anything. No matter how important is the work to me I try to handle them with ease. After all, health is undeniably the most important thing.

This is all I have been doing.  Besides the workout, all I did was alter some of my daily habits. It seems and really is simple but it also requires patience. Not a week, not a month but months together.

For the remaining blubber on my waist, I’ve just been making sure that all of these things are taken care of properly. Hopefully, I do hope I reach what I aspire for by the end of January.

A weighty thing to remember

No matter how many ever sites you visit and how much ever you do what is mentioned in them, there is always a good chance that it doesn’t work the way you want it. Every single person’s body is unique in its own way. One might find results soon, another might not. So there is no need to be disappointed if your neighbor could lose weight in a couple of weeks and you couldn’t. Keep doing your best, for it is enough and it’s all just a matter of time. Whatever you do, don’t quit!

Until next time!

Tailpiece: I just felt like this piece needed a picture of me if not my love handles (don’t mind, I’m not showing ’em anyway). It’s the best my almost-a-decade laptop can do.