What should be highlighted on media? – A controversy

A peaceful night and I was sitting outside my house, enjoying the breeze. I was going through the stories on Instagram when I came upon one particularly interesting, posted by a girl namedApoorva Mishra. It was a picture of a small part of The Times Of India newspaper and on the sides, she had typed this.

The times of india

To such posts, I usually try to put some efforts by commenting on them about my perspective. Most of the times, there would be no reply. But that didn’t happen this time… I did get a reply. As time flew by, I found Apoorva to be an open-minded person with a very clear perspective about her story.

So we debated about it for a long time with which we both could learn more. I hope you do too by the end of this article.

Let’s begin the show!

Being a football player herself, it would be obvious that she would want anything related to Women Football’s team on the top. But that wasn’t the case here as she loved cricket too. The point she made was that if an achievement is made on behalf of the nation, whether be it football or science, it is supposed to be on the top with a bigger heading.

But here in the newspaper, a greater highlight was made on Malinga, a cricket baller who was to miss matches. For me, it seemed pretty simple. The media weren’t the ones who wanted to highlight it. It was by the people who read it. The main aim of the newspaper is to run the business.

So they don’t put up articles based on their values and respect for the nation. Instead, they’re put up in such a way that the article which gets a larger audience, gets the biggest heading.

This is why people who have received Nobel Prizes struggle to fit in a small column in the papers while we see huge pictures of movie actors and popular singers, spreading out on the entire page. That’s just how newspapers make money.

A bit of a challenge

So she questioned, “If this persists, then how will people ever get a clear picture of others who are struggling to come up? If not the media, then who?”

Damn was that a good question. Now, it was my turn to get my head spinning. After a thought, I answered it. I’m not sure how right I was, but I gave the example ofSadhguru.

For those of you who don’t know Sadhguru is, he is a mystic known for his knowledge about minds, life, and inner-engineering. The media never turned to him for his incredible inner-engineering. In fact, they turned when he started making phenomenal changes around the world (and he still does).

He became famous, then the media came to him… not the other way around. All the YouTube videos and articles about Sadhguru’s inner-engineering weren’t created by the media. They were posted by people who follow him and understand the values of his expressed knowledge. Media just came later.

Putting in energy and time

For expressing and sharing his knowledge, Sadhguru has spent decades together traveling the world and explaining to the people. He has put in his own efforts to come this far.

By this example, I explained that if one really wants something to be put in the minds of the people, then efforts are required. Sure, the efforts may rip your skin off, but it is possible. It just takes time, there isn’t any shortcut to it.

No media will help anyone. Not even for the sake of the nation. But efforts will make you stand out… it’s all in your hands.

Don’t get off on the wrong foot

children, splash, asia

Now, if you’re still reading this (I do hope you are), let’s make sure of what the message really is about. Sadhguru was just an example. Let me not drive you away from the origin. We’re still speaking about the people, the media and even the nation if you like.

On one aspect, I mentioned that a measurable amount of efforts are a must, to stand out and leave an impression. On the other side, it’s time for the media to change. And with that, it’s also time for the masses to change. Cricket is not anymore a religion in India. It was considered a religion because it united people belonging to various cultures and creeds.

That pretty much isn’t the case now. Badminton’s coming up, football’s coming up and so will the others. Of course, cricket still remains the most popular sport, but it certainly doesn’t have a monopoly like before. Other sports which are flourishing right now, it’s time media gives them a better stand.

Moreover, a Sri Lankan player getting a bigger headline than the nation’s women football team making a lifetime achievement? Newspapers aiming too much for the audience and business, don’t you think?

Doing business is fine. It sure is a necessity alright and we can all agree on that. But when it already calls itself a national newspaper, it is its responsibility that if there’s some news (or whatever it may be) pointing out to the nation as a whole, it should be the first thing conveyed to the people. Whether people prefer to read it or not, that comes next.

The main mission should be to let people know what they really should know as the citizens of the nation.

An ongoing process

Apoorva, being the hyperactive person that she is, did mention that she works hard to bring other girls to play football and that apart from her, there are many women who are trying to bring this awareness.

Here there is a hitch. Women who are struggling to bring up football are for sure struggling. But the number of women? Not many take interest in the sport, which makes it a lot harder for those who do.

So if you’re reading this right now, let me make a tiny request. Please do take a moment and think of kicking a ball across the field. Feel nothing? I thought so. Go ahead and actually kick a football, let’s see how you find it!

If you wish to express your views on this, then you’ve got the comment section below! We’ll see where that’ll take us. So feel free to blurt out!

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Ahahahaaaa!! A really nice article Manas!
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