Meeting Old friends

Warning: Slightly mature content

Whenever I get a long vacation for a month or more, I usually fly to Batam Riau, Indonesia. I mean, I could’ve flown any other place with exotic air- even Vegas(a different sort of ‘exotic’ though). But you see, my family stays in Indonesia.

I travel there mostly to visit my parents, spend some time… and sprawl and lie in bed all day. Since no one’s around to tell me what to do, this is usually the most enjoyable sort of vacation. But this time, the sensation of disintegrating went a little too far. Once, I decided to open the house door and have a look outside. I don’t remember seeing anything because frankly, I couldn’t see anything.

The moment I opened the door, the light flooded into my eyes too quickly due to which… I blacked out. I decided to change my routine a bit- I decided to meet some old friends.

An old neighbor… kind of

This guy was an old school friend- senior to be specific. He came to be a good pal around as we, along with some other guys, loved cycling. Cycling was an everyday chore back then. Anyway apart from that, he lived nearby… just a couple of kilometers from my house. There was really nothing to it when we were young.

“Wanna cycle today?”

“Yeah! You’ll come around or I’ll come up to your place?”

“You come around…”

And so it would go on.

So I decided to call up this guy up. We met up and had a conversation like old uncles- and that’s exactly how we posed the picture(below).

Don’t worry… he’s much bigger in real life (over a quintal and he’s proud of it). Anyway, the meetup felt great which is why I called up the rest of the buddies that I assumed were in Batam. Not many were around anymore. Some were in Singapore and others in Australia. Finally, I managed to get hold of one guy and we decided to meet… at my 5-year old brother’s Annual Day / Performance / whatever you wish to call it.

Bathroom and Performance

And so I went to the performance with my semi-conscious mind and my golden hair… did I mention coloring my hair? Anyway, I’m not sure how most of the stage performances went but I had a great time. I can’t deny that. I mean I spent most of my time with some old guys who’ve been my friends for almost a decade now (probably).

harmony one, batam, madman's journey


As you can see- when you tilt your head to the left- another reason why I enjoyed it was because we spent most of our time in the bathroom. And not just one bathroom. We managed to conquer 15,000 bathrooms in a hotel which had 600 rooms… if you know what I mean.

But yeah, we did hit a couple of bathrooms on different floors to inspect if they were well-maintained. How else could we save the world? We also took some candid pics like this one right here.

manas patil, harmony one, batam

So the talkative kid behind me poses as a kid taking a piss- which I assume is really happening. The other (kid) who still isn’t mature poses as a guy washing his hands in a mature way…

If you were present that night, you’d find this blog interesting. If not, don’t mind buzzing off.

Apart from pictures, we had a great talk of old times, friends and other stuff which don’t matter now. But sure, that was a great way back into memories. It had been years since I talked to these guys and somehow, we started speaking about masturbation literally 5 minutes after we met.

Very logical, isn’t it?

I really should be speaking of how my brother’s dance went on stage and how he had no idea what was going on, but that’s not so interesting. So yeah. This would be my blog for now.

I’m writing lesser now and definitely much shittier. No doubt of that. As an optimist and a self-assuring guy- at least I’m doing something.

By the way, did you know it’s over 12 am right now in Bangalore? So goodnight. Have a great day tomorrow! Or a great night… whatever is on the menu.

Until next time.

Uh, tiny sort of shoutout- there’s another guy out whom I’ve known for a while now. He’s got a website too! Yup, that’s it 🙂