Proper Men’s Style Guide 2020

I’ve seen boys of my age doing super stupid things when it comes to fashion. Not that I’m very old and experienced here. But let me just hope this is something that can help out to all of them out there. Hence the ironic ‘Proper’ added to Men’s Style Guide 2020 up there.

Well, jokes aside, let’s get right into it, shall we?



A few things to keep in mind.

1. Stop wearing your sports shoes everywhere!

That is the worst thing ever. Even when ladies are at a big event with long skirts, they sometimes go with sports footwear… not good. Sports shoes are meant to be for sports. So let them be right there. They may look fine with your formals on, but honestly no.

Where to wear sports shoes?

Wear sports footwear for the gym, even your Gucci Journey Sneaker with a price tag around 1250 dollars would be alright for it. They usually go well with shorts, track pants, and when you have jerseys on. They might as well go with other polyester or cotton shirts. Don’t go for jeans legwear with your running shoes.

2. Mind the length of your socks

Socks lengths depend on what you’re wearing above. If you have above-ankle pants like chinos, then go for below ankle socks. The usual knee-length socks are out of trend now, so put them away. But of course, if you’re going out for soccer, then you need those long socks. Apart from a few sports or when you have shorts on, these socks don’t go well. Even sneakers go with ankle or below ankle-length socks.

3. When formal shoes?

  formal shoes Formal shoes, let them be of any color, they go with only formals. They are meant to be together. They don’t fit in many places. Another place where they might come handy is when you have traditional clothing on. Particularly, formal leather shoes would go well with traditional.

4. Which footwear is fine with all?

Sneakers can blend in almost all environments except for sports. So that’s an option. Another option is espadrilles or more well known as ‘Puma loafers. You have jeans on, cotton, shorts or anything, they will fit in. They even take the place of flip flops!

5. Suggested brands

First things first, Adidas. Then if you wish to go for reasonable prices, then you have Puma. If you’re looking to spend a fortune on your footwear, then Nike is the one suggested.


men's fashion tips, legwear If you are thin or have a perfect body shape, then slim fittings are best for you. A little plumpy? Luckily, you have a more comfortable option as you shouldn’t go for tights.

Basic pants colors

If you have no clue of which color combinations, then there are a few basic pants colors that would go with anything that you wear on top. Black and deep dark blue.

1. Going for brands?

A few have been suggested below: Levis, Denims and Calvin Klein(yes, that is expensive).

2. Caution for pants roll-ups

Sure, there was a trend long while ago where you could roll your pants outwards. But now, not only does it seem awkward but also stupid. So if you really wish to roll up your pants, make sure you roll them inwards.

3. Speaking of shorts

As long as you have a t-shirt on, any color combination would go fine with shorts. Even the sleeve length of your t-shirt doesn’t matter that much.

4. 3/4 pants

I am sure there comes a time when everyone gets bored of both these items full-length pants and up-to-knee shorts. So another homely or rather neighborhood wear, the 3/4 pants might come very handy (I’ve got a bunch of them myself). They are commonly pronounced ‘three-fourth pants’. These are naturally slim fits and yes these are for men alright. No need to cringe. Anyways, Adidas has got the best of them so far. Check out Adidas 3/4 pants. Oh, and please do see if you’re buying the men’s or women’s if you go through there.


The most preferred bodywear at this time is the t-shirt. Shirts are for occasions. Looking into t-shirts. If you have a choice, go for round necks instead of v-cuts. Unless if you work out a lot and have a great shape, v-cuts aren’t suggested. It’s an early days thing.

Don’t go for bright colors

Especially if you are new to the fashion world (I assume you are, given that you are here), it is better to stay away from fancy bright colors. Unless you are a fashion designer, the best suggestion is to stick to plain colors no matter what. Plain wear is ideal for a party. With nothing written on it or any other designs on it for that matter. men's fashion tips, simple wear

Turtlenecks aren’t for everyone

Only if you are a zero-figure, it would be ideal for you to go for turtle-necks. They do not go well even for skinny people. So if you’re a have a little fat here and there or too thin, you can forget turtle-necks. Besides, they come in trend only when the weather gets chilly.

Brands to go for

For casuals

Formals: You don’t buy them often, it is usually a one-time investment. Here are the two that might fit in great.

(They actually have a wide range of products, including pants. And trust me, they are definitely worth it)

  • Van Heusen


men's fashion tips, jacket If you’re one of those persons who wear the same jacket to the gym, to your college and even to bed, stop! Never wear a jacket on a uniform.

What should one wear inside?

Want to show off your t-shirt as well? Always remember, light-colored jackets suit well with a black t-shirt while dark-colored jacket goes with white ones.

When hoodies?

Hoodies seem to fit in all environments, but it is better if you go to a party without one. Either go with a casual jacket without the hoodie or just be on a plain t-shirt. Hoodies are mainly meant for the mornings when you jog… and casual dates. Another thing about these… go for one without zips. The one you have to wear over your head.


For most, the occasion of wearing a suit comes a countable number of times. Moreover, it is usually a lifetime investment. So if you’re getting one, get the best one you can. Forget the price for the moment. Now comes the next question: What should I go for? With suits, you don’t have the option of ‘practicing’ different combinations.

So most would go with the usual. A white shirt, black or dark blue blazer and the pants matching the blazer color. Yes, it is typical. Try wearing a black shirt instead of a white one (Make sure the suit fits you perfectly. Also, instead of a tie, get a bow. Completely dressed in black with either black, maroon, or dark blue bow.

See how it fits. Another combination is a white blazer, white pants but a black shirt. If you get a white shirt along with your white blazer and pants, you would probably be heading for a funeral.



Bulky watches don’t go with everything. They may be great for sports, the beach and for parties. But when you are on your formals, get a formal watch.

Some brands…

For sports, if you have your pockets full, G-Shock is for you (the one with a black belt and a gold face is a great trend). Other reasonably priced watches can be from fast-track, Fitbit.

For the formals, you have many out there, some of which is Louis Vuitton and Rolex (That’s out of our league actually). brands


There are a lot of accessories such as wrist bands, ear wear, tags on necks… but no! Those are all for later. All of them are worn on because of the possessors’ wish and nothing more. So no, let me not go through about that. It’s all left for you!

Happy dressing!


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