Top 11 Men’s Fashion Tips

All that you’re about to read, is a collaboration with Athrey Agnihotri. The man awarded on a memorable occasion for his outstanding outfit and uniqueness. Now, let’s not brag about him anymore and jump right into these top men’s fashion tips, shall we?


There seems to be so less when you look at men’s fashion, but yet there is so much to it! Some are ignorant, but we know they’ll come around one day, don’t we? So let’s begin with the simplest things… if you follow, you’ll remember us one day.

Here are some of the most important men’s casual fashion tips!


1. Understand why you style first


First comes impression. Be it your girlfriend or your boss, the way you dress makes an impact. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is just a quote and will remain one. Nothing more.


Then comes the question if you want to stand out from the rest. Dress in such a way that others look at you and say, “I should dress that way!” Be a role model.


2. Build up your confidence!


Nobody starts out dressing like a real gentleman by birth, not even Athrey here. It takes time and practice, not to mention ‘observation’.


So go out there with what you think looks great on you. Allow people to tell how you look. They’re laughing? Great! Now you know, what doesn’t go well for you.


So keep trying!


3. Start following people with taste


Sure, you would want to be unique in your clothing sense. But it is essential that you follow and keep in touch with people who are well-known for their tastes in fashion.


My buddy here does not seem to be in touch with many out there. There are only a few out there that he follows. But he follows them deeply.

They are namely Zayn Malik, Varun Dhawan, an actor, and Virat Kohli, a cricketer.

Start finding a few for yourself!

men's fashion tips

4. Quality over quantity


You may have a room full of clothes and yet suck at dressing. If you’re buying, get something for a higher price rather than buying many of those at cheap rates.


Maybe the combinations won’t be many. But as the number of high-quality clothes increases, your combinations undoubtedly increase too.


When you just have two t-shirts and two pairs of pants, you have four different combinations right there!


5. Stop keeping old stocks!


When is the time your shirt should be given away? When you’re finally bored of it.


Now, don’t start throwing away heaps. Don’t waste it off. Let the clothes at least have a year with you, then see if they’re still worth it.


If you have clothing that you haven’t used for the entire year, don’t just throw it away. If its quality is still great, then fool around with it a little! But if it isn’t, you know what to do.

old stocks


6. Sweaty nature? Get some sweat pads


Not many people have this. But for those who do, keep sweat pads. Either keep your underarms clean and be firm that you don’t sweat much… or go with sweat pads.


Usually, these are used along with formals, not casuals. Even with your best formal attire on, you may look shabby if you are a little sweaty.


7. Head for timeless fashion…


It’s better to stay in a classical timeless attire instead of going wild over upcoming trends.


One, keeping up with trends is expensive. Two… they may be a failure! Even if you feel like following trends, don’t follow blindly. Make sure they suit you and your personality well.

8. Stop stuffing your wardrobes


There comes a time when your closet is full but you still find nothing you can wear for the event. A piece of advice: Don’t go out and buy more clothes.


Try out different combinations with the ones you have. Athrey has a few pairs of pants with him. Out of those few, he wears one to all occasions!



Why? If anything fancy changes, then it can be pointed out. But with his black pants, nobody is paying attention to it. Take that to your advantage as much as possible.


9. One of the everlasting trend: Denim Jacket


The denim jacket is one of the rare timeless trends. It can go well for anybody. If one has a white t-shirt with a denim jacket over it, then that still looks cool today.


It’s a little old, but classy!


10. Not necessary to go for belts


Belts have one purpose, that is to keep your pants up. It’s time we go less flashy with belts. But if you’re still wild for over-priced Gucci belts, then that is for you.


People try to guess your net worth by your appearance, so that is the only place where such belts might help out. And of course, only if the belt is visible under your t-shirt.


But if it was my man here, he wouldn’t fancy it.


11. Branded fashion products are expensive… but they’re worth it!



There was a viral meme on social media where pictures of two identical blue t-shirts were placed side by side. The only difference was one had theAdidaslogo on it and the others didn’t.


The one withAdidason it obviously costs 3-4 times more than the unbranded one beside. But the funny part? It’s worth it! Not only does the logo make you stand out, but also there is a trust. It is assured that they don’t wear out soon.


Of course, this isn’t in all cases. But in most, fashion products are usually worth their price.




These were all the general men’s fashion tips that one should mind. If you’re impatient to get into style now, you may go give all of it a try, but there’s to know more about these clothing in detail. By which I mean more into Footwear, Bodywear, Hoodies, and the rest, I might have just the right thing to help you there!

So here it is: Proper Men’s Style Guide 2020

Proper Men’s Style Guide 2020

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