Mind: How and Why I Smile

To those who live with a long face and believe that they are the most responsible ones, “You are the most irresponsible thing alive”

A little bit about myself

I will be glad if you understood at least a quarter of the words above. If you didn’t… don’t mind, that’s what I am here for….

Half of the people that I have encountered over the years, seem to wonder why I smile most of the times. When I was younger, I somewhere did feel I needed help. I didn’t understand why I smiled so much. I assumed it was genetic, and it probably is.

But over the years, I’ve realized that it isn’t I  who should change. It is them. Most of the lecturers in my college just find it bizarre to see me just smiling during class. If I had been talking my friends seated beside, it would have been acceptable. But no, they just see me sitting there, not interacting with anyone, and yet smiling. So half of the lecturers also have made efforts in questioning why am I this way. The other half believes that I’m off my mind. You’re probably beginning to think the same too. 

So they ask me, “Why?” and I reply, “Why not?”

Then they say, “People will think you’re crazy” and I reply, “Well, that’s their own problem.”

Some people that I’ve come across do understand my behavior, a very few though. So let’s hope you do. Because if you do, it’ll definitely help you.

Human mind and emotions

Let us try to understand some fundamentals first. Whatever we think happens around us, happens within us. Misery, anger, jealousy and so on, these are all self-created. We feel these emotions when things are not happening the way we want it. We definitely know that things never always happen the way we want it. It’s isn’t something we can control. There are always ups and downs here and there.

But the one thing can be controlled entirely by us is our mind. Most of us do not know how to handle it, but we can still learn to. This mind, that is cerebral activity, is still a new thing to us. It is essential that we learn to use it. If the world around us is not happening the way we want it, then at least our mind should happen the way want it, isn’t it? If we had a choice to keep ourselves joyful or miserable, we would undoubtedly choose joy, wouldn’t we? To understand more about this, I suggest you read Sadhguru’s explanation of happiness. Now, this isn’t happening.

Your emotions are determined by the things around you. The moment someone scolds you or says something disturbing to you, your emotion will change. Looking deeply at this, you are directly allowing someone else to determine the way you feel. If it goes on this way, people will handle you for the rest of your life, that’s pretty certain.

In that case, I would refer it to as a crime. No, the other people aren’t the suspects, you are. To avoid this, I would suggest to distance yourself a bit.

Distancing yourself

The emotions of a person can be determined by the outside only when the person is close to reality. So it is better to distance your mind a little bit from reality. Let’s say you are in a market on a Sunday afternoon. People are pushing you around, shopkeepers are shouting prices of items that you’ll never buy, the place stinks. The sun is melting you down. It does sound like one hell of a chaos. Now, close to the market, imagine there is a ten-story hotel and you booked a room up on the last floor. From the room window, just take a look at how wonderful the market looks like.

Sounds amusing, doesn’t it? This is what we should be doing with our minds. Because the mind is such that it makes wonderful decisions, only when we are peaceful. Sometimes we make a decision when we are depressed or angry or something similar, and the next day when we look back at the decision, we often say, “Why the hell am I doing this?”



Meaning of the quote

Now if you read the quote at the beginning, I mentioned about ‘responsibility’. When people start to achieve their ‘goals’ and people around recognize it. A tendency builds up in the person, making him think that he/she is important.

Once one starts to think that he is important, he starts feeling that he is responsible for everything happening around him. This feeling of  ‘responsibility’, that has been self-created unconsciously, will eventually make him serious. Coming to the point of the quote, this person who holds up a long face, doing big things, making big changes is definitely the most irresponsible person, isn’t it?

I want you to realize this, the second this person falls dead one day, the earth will spin as it should, the world will run as usual. Not a worm bothers. Obviously, someone else will occupy the newly vacant position. So there’s no need to be dead serious about everything. Take it easy.








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