Minors- and we walked into a bar

Another story worth a shot. Before I begin, rather than the usual disclaimers that I have on all my other stories, here let’s make it a little different.

The title says “we walked into a bar”. There is no law prohibiting a minor to get in an alcohol-loving environment. As long as minors (me and the other kid) don’t consume liquor, we’re peaceable citizens of the nation.

No question about it- we didn’t buy anything there… even if we did, I wouldn’t mention it, as my parents read my blogs from time to time (just kidding dad).


Consider this a simple down-to-earth beginning: No shitty mysterious beginning where a person’s lying dead on his back. As you can see on the right side of the screen (for laptop/desktop users only), I’m seventeen now.

So I and a buddy of mine, the horse (a neighbor/old friend of mine) are out of high-school now on our loathed vacations. Loathed because we don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go. This is an excerpt of our daily evening conversation:

Horse: So what are we doing now?

Koala (my original animal name): We’ll roam around somewhere?

Horse: Where exactly?

Koala: University?

Horse: We’ve covered every f*ckin’ square foot of the area.

Koala: We’ve actually covered the whole town.

Horse: Badminton?

Koala: No! … ice-cream?

Horse: You just had it yesterday…

And the shitty conversation, where we don’t reach any conclusions, would brag on for hours. We would usually end up again back at the university or an ice-cream. 

But this isn’t the same old boring story, is it? One day,

So today we started with the same conversation which ended something like:

Horse: (Picking his nose)

Koala: (Watching horse pick nose with great interest) … you’ve been in a bar?

Horse: No… But I don’t see any much around here.

Koala: I saw one around the middle of town. I know where it is. (now whispering)

Horse: You’re kidding, right?

15 seconds later*

I was riding my scooter at 60 passing by all the vehicles to the place where I once found a bar. It was around 4 km away, so it took 10 minutes to make it there given the traffic conditions, cows, dogs, and pigs-on-road conditions and of course the amazing road conditions.

Gladly, we did make it there alive with my hair standing on its end, even though I had a helmet on (I don’t know how was that possible). Horse, on the other hand, didn’t need to bother- he’d shaved his head clean… and sparkly.

Looking at the bar

We parked the scooter right up front and stared up at the entrance of it for a couple of minutes.

“Yeah, this is the one I was talking about,” I said, breaking the silence, “We’ll take a look inside?”

Horse, looked at me for a while. He was about to reluctantly agree when a guy came out from the bar and puked by the road just a couple of meters from us.

“No! I don’t think it’s safe to go in,” He said firmly.

“Well if anyone speaks, then I’ll take care of it,” I offered. The next moment, we were walking up to the second floor of the bar. A guy with a perfectly trimmed beard and an earring on his left glanced at us.

“Where you guys heading?” He asked.

The horse and I exchanged glances. Then I confidently spoke, “Up. Where are the stairs for the terrace?”

He studied us a moment. Then he gestured us to a door behind. We scurried off quickly. Well, that was close.

Another reason why he had to let us up was that there were tables up on the roof too. I assume the service up was a little more expensive. So up we came with the help of a narrow dirty stairway with the stench of bottles and rotten foodies coming from the kitchen.

The Rooftop

Unlike the disgusting stairway and the disgusting puking people, the rooftop was more likable. It wasn’t very fancy either, but I could sense there was an unspoken decency level here.

Considering the fact that we’re in a town which tries to look modern but still sucks, we got a shot of a beautiful traffic view from up there.

traffic, india

Yep, a beauty, right? It’s also comparable to a modern Alladin’s dictator land (don’t try extracting meaning from it- it just popped in my head).

So what did we do by finally accomplishing the mission of entering the bar? We stood there by the tables still looking at the terrible view. The wind lightly touched my face, causing my hair to cover my eyes entirely- hence covering the view.

I brushed the hair off. The horse was taking in a deep breath of the seemingly fresh polluted air. I guess he would have to pick his nose again later.

Getting out!

I wish the place was bigger because there was nowhere else to break in now. Since it was a bar, I guess it would become eventually bigger.

As far as I was concerned, there are two businesses that always seemed to flourish here. One is education and the other liquor. I really didn’t see how these places benefitted anyone in any way but everyone seemed to love it.

By regulations, it is not mandatory to go to a bar but it is compulsory to go to school. Now, don’t get me wrong. Education is a basic necessity alright. But the education we receive here… is purely useless.

Anyway, back on track: We now had to head back out. And so we did alight. But as we did, I guessed the guy with the earring had figured out we weren’t in the right place. Because now I could see him walk towards us with a stern look.

Just as we reached the floor below, there was a narrow doorway on my right. Right in front of us, the guy was still headed towards us. Making a quick decision, I avoided eye contact and slipped into the doorway. I looked back.

The horse followed. We didn’t stop right there, we just moved on quickly. I could see we were in the bar’s kitchen. We didn’t get a chance to observe around much but we could tell the place wasn’t a fan of hygiene or cleanliness. We walked out through the door on the other end back into the customer’s side of the bar.

A few heads turned up to look at us, out of which some seemed impatient for their order. Looking at us empty-handed, they dived back into their conversations. We walked out steadily and then back home.


The next day, the horse and I were again back on the monotonous conversation but there was a gradual improvement…

Horse: (Picking his nose)

Koala: (Not looking at the horse pick his nose) What do we do today?

Horse: Badminton?

Koala: No. Ice-cream?

Horse: No… University?

Koala: F*ck it. Let’s find another bar.

Horse’s mother: I’m sorry?

The horse and I slowly turned around to see horse’s mother behind us. She seemed to have heard ‘bar’. 

She went on: Let me just call your mother now. And you (horse)! Bars eh?…

There was some bloodshed later with unfavorable, worthless outcomes.

The horse took his phone out.

“I’m playing Pubg now,” he said.

I sighed. I’ll just write a story on this now.


Away from the story now: I actually intended to put up a picture of me and the horse up for the cover. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to take a proper picture. On the bright side, we did get a video of us climbing a wall. I’m the guy on the right, the horse on the left…

(Yup, we were too lazy to edit it with a professional editor too.)





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