Nandi Hills Travel Guide from Bangalore

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Our Nandi Hills trip was the most planned trip we ever made. Thus, it’s safe to call this article – Nandi Hills Travel Guide. This guide is aimed at people who want to visit Nandi Hills from Bangalore. The car booking and fuel cost details differ from elsewhere.

Also, the time of booking, service used for booking, and extra expenditures all vary depending on how one spends their money. One thing’s fixed though – it cost us 175 rupees for us at the entrance of Nandi Hills.

One of my friends who’d visited Nandi Hills earlier however said that the entry fee wasn’t this amount before. So that’s an update for you. Anyway, let’s begin from where we began – it’s my article after all.

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Travel Guide: Best Time to Visit Nandi Hills

The best time to visit Nandi Hills is early morning. To experience the beautiful sunrise, be there by 6:30 am. Although 6 am is a good time to be at the spot, I recommend leaving your home an hour earlier.

The hills being a very popular spot, it is hard to find a spot for your vehicle to park (or even go up). When we visited, the gates were shut up the road. They informed us that the gates will open at 6, thus we had to wait in our car. So did everyone else.

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Fortunately, we made it there by 5 am and we were in front of the queue. But even being there early at 5, there were already a dozen bikes and cars ahead of us before the gate. While we waited for an hour till 6, the queue of vehicles kept piling up behind us.

It isn’t just the waiting queue that’ll make you miss the sunrise, it’s the curvy trail after that gate and the other vehicles that move along with you on that narrow road.

nandi hills
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Have an Experienced Driver with you

Lucky for us, one of our friends was a well-experienced driver. In case you or nobody with you drives well on rough terrains, it’s best to hire a driver. Nandi hills isn’t a place you want to be messing around with when it comes to the roads.

Though the narrow roads are wide enough for two vehicles to pass through, people drive like crazy in the morning. Apart from the roads having no lights, they’re curvy and no doubt uphill all the way. My friend who was driving had his one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear the whole time. And both hands were busy the whole way!

I’ll be honest, the cars weren’t the crazy ones, the scooters were. You see, several people that come up to Nandi either rent scooters or a car (like us).

Unpopular opinion: Renting a scooter is a horrible way to visit. It’s cold in the morning, it’s dangerous for the riders and for car drivers as well. A car’s the best way to visit Nandi hills. We booked our car from Zoomcar.

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Travel guide: Things to Carry on this Nandi Hills Trip

This travel guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning stuff to pack! I’ve divided the things to carry here into Things to Wear and Things to pack.

Things to Wear

  • Jacket
  • Beanie cap (something to cover your head)
  • Sports shoes

Since visiting Nandi Hills is lesser than a one-day trip and more like a half-day trip, there aren’t many essentials to carry. But the first thing I’d recommend bringing along is a jacket (or anything to keep you warm). Well, particularly to the ones visiting in the early morning.

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Oh, on the safer side, bring a waterproof jacket. Leaving the rain aside, the chilly atmosphere forms up water droplets on your clothes. Your waterproof clothing will help out here.

Be it warm or cold up there, when it’s cold – the place is way too chilly then. Within an hour on the hills and all our heads were wet. A bearded guy with us had his beard dripping as well. Speaking of which, bring a beanie cap or something to cover your head. Even a hoodie is of great help.

Also, it’s better to wear sports shoes or any footwear with grip. Apart from the view bridge being slippery at times, the hills that you’ll walk on around the hills are smooth to stride upon.

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Things to Pack

  • Water bottle
  • A camera!

A water bottle is more than sufficient for an early morning visit to Nandi Hills. Some other blogs that I came around included items such as sun-screen.

But for the mornings, the weather is more or less the same. Unless you’re staying up there till late morning, it isn’t necessary. However, here’s a site that recommends stuff to pack for Nandi hills based on different times of the year.

We didn’t have a professional camera with us. Not that I know how to use one, but the views are breath-taking in the mornings with the sunrise and mist coming in together. The shadows of the trees make it cooler (or spooky!) like this picture below. I took it on my phone when we’d just arrived.

Speaking of phones, make sure to bring them with full battery power. My phone died by the time we made it down. I had to charge it in a petrol station for 10 minutes so we knew our way back to our University. Yup.

nandi hills pictures
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Places to Walk around Here

Travel guide: All the places that are on Nandi Hills are within walkable distances. When you wander the hills, you’ll find all these spots by yourself. However, people do look up for places to visit in Nandi hills, so I decided to throw this in.

Here are all the walkable places in Nandi Hills:

  1. Sunrise View Point
  2. Sunset View Point
  3. Nandi Temple
  4. Nandi Hills Park
  5. Tipu Summer House
  6. Amruth Sarovara Pond

Like I said, take a stroll around the hills, you’ll visit all of them. In fact, I didn’t know about these places before I began writing this post. But I’ve visited all the spots without knowing their names.

nandi hills trip, amruth sarovara pond
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Well, we didn’t get down to the Tippu Summer House, but the rest of the places – yes. But I recommend visiting that summer house down the hill from the Sunrise viewpoint side, it has grand scenic views of the sunrise.

  1. Sunrise and Sunset Viewpoints: While there is a sunset viewpoint on the other side of the sunrise viewpoint, the sunrise spot is way better – it has a bridge made just for the view.
  2. Nandi Temple: It was easier to refer it to Nandi temple but there are other temples on the hills. The Nandi Temple is the one that is right behind the sunrise viewpoint. Some of the other temple names I looked up are Shri Verrajaneya, Maheshwara Temple, Ksheera Nadhi Moola, Bhramashram. There are many more as you walk along the road in their own devoted spots.
  3. Nandi Hills Park: This park is the one right at the center with less sunrise or sunset view and more beautiful greens. The vibes one gets in the morning while walking through the park are absolutely worth the visit. Take your time and wander everywhere through it. However, look out for the signs that don’t allow you to walk over some spots.
  4. Tipu Summer House: We weren’t aware of the Tipu Summer house’s existence at the time. But now you are – it’s a bit of a walk and you should visit it!
  5. Amruth Sarovara Pond: You’ll find this while walking through the park.

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More pictures of Nandi Hills!

Forgive me for this, but I just had to share the rest. There were so many of them! Not that they were good enough to post and neither are any of us professional photographers. But they’re worth being on this travel guide to Nandi hills :)

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Sunrise pictures from Nandi Hills through the woods

nandi hills sunrise through trees
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Pictures from Nandi Hills Park

nandi hills park
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nandi hills park
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nandi hills morning
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One full beautiful morning is sufficient to make this visit and build this Nandi Hills travel guide. The reason why everyone is always hype in Bangalore about Nandi Hills is how they visit it. Every person has their own experience to share. Some people go for the sunset, the others for the sunrise.

We prefer taking a car, most prefer bikes – it sounds cooler. But there are the few cool ones who even wish to cycle or trek Nandi Hills! It’s all about how you go. If you have a cool experience to talk about, talk about it below.

Happy Journey… oh wait! Look at this monkey that got up on our car when we were leaving :) Have a great day.

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