Which comes first, nationalism or humanism?

It does make you think for a while when something like this is asked to you, doesn’t it? If we look at this deeply, we’ll come to a point either saying, “Nationalism is anti-humanism” or “Humanism is anti-nationalism”. So here lies the question, nationalism or humanism.

We celebrated Independence Day recently, that happens to be on 15th August, in case you didn’t know. This time I decided to observe things the way they really are. Here, in such a diverse country, it’s really amazing to see the majority of the people come together and celebrate this occasion. People of various religions and languages. People with contrasting practices.

It’s wonderful, now that we’ve come to a stage where we aren’t identified with our differences. Of course in some parts, we still see discrimination and identification of people in terms of their culture, but it has drastically improved over the years. We are showing emotions with respect to nationalism, even more wonderful.

To build a nation, emotion is definitely a requirement. Suppose a man wants to have a family of four consisting of himself, his wife and his two children. Now if he just keeps them in a home and pays for their food, will the family sustain? Obviously no.  If one needs emotions to build a family of four members, then to build a nation, emotion isn’t something we can neglect.

So I’m grateful to all the people who are willing to sacrifice their lives, soldiers specifically. There are so many things that can help create a better environment only by the way we start looking at things. For instance, you would have seen it when I wrote on corruption.

Now let’s take a step further from this perspective. Looking from the point of view of humanism. Wouldn’t it be better if we overcome our enmity rather than fighting with our enemy? Wouldn’t a friendship prove to be less expensive to handle? We invest so much in defence and weapons. Addressing people all over the world, would it be necessary to invest so much here if we all had a sense of humanity?  Definitely not.

We have people who die every day due to starvation. The amount we’ve spent recently to protect our nation is sufficient to feed almost every person in our country. One of the burning topics of the present times is about people who aren’t standing up for the national anthem. When we still have people who die due to hunger, I don’t think it’s the time for us to take this up. Eating to live, isn’t a right of a person, it’s a fundamental necessity of every living being. So after working with the basics, we can move on to this.  


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3 thoughts on “Which comes first, nationalism or humanism?”

  1. Avatar

    You are correct, the religions, countries should be removed.The god didn’t make us human beings so that we can make borders and religions and fight amongst ourselves.
    Awesome one Manas..

    1. Maddy

      You’re right about that buddy, but there’s a hitch to it. We had built these borders centuries ago only to make a systematic ruling and proper planning. Without countries, it would be very messy. But let a country be only for the sake of identification of location, apart from it, humanity should be the first priority

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