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Which comes first, nationalism or humanism?

It does make you think for a while when something like this is asked to you, doesn’t it? If we look at this deeply, we’ll come to a point either saying, “Nationalism is anti-humanism” or “Humanism is anti-nationalism”. So here lies the question, nationalism or humanism. We celebrated Independence Day recently, that happens to be …

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Corruption…not politics

  “Birth of a corrupt mind can take place at any time, make sure you kill it before everything turns out, not so fine”   This topic was suggested by a friend of mine. I don’t know if that friend meant it in the perception of politics, but I am NOT going to be particularly writing …

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  “Accepting becomes difficult when you start expecting”   Looking at the present times, we see the people around us, no matter how well-to-do they are, they always want more. That’s alright, it’s human nature as the mystic, Sadhguru says, all we seek is boundlessness. Now, I’m not going to the part where he tells …

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Swimming as a sport

“Work out, not only to make yourself look good, but also to feel good” I’ve never been very concerned about my body fitness until recently. Probably it started because of my age. I’ll be actually turning 17 by next month. I used to jog  occasionally before in order to reduce my belly. But a couple …

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