Reva: Freshers’ day and Guitar Shows

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Disclaimer: This blog does neither promote nor degrade any Institution. This is a personal blog. These all are personal experiences and shouldn’t be taken into consideration as a point about any particular organization… let’s roll with it. 

Let’s make a Band!

Here was what I actually planned before joining a Uni:

1. Just lay low for the first year of college.

2. Observe how everything really runs around there.

3. Then maybe (just maybe) start participating in events.

What should I say?… None of it happened as I planned. If you’ve been through this whole website, you’ll see that I play a bit of guitar. Which is probably one of the main reasons why I got into this mess. I regret learning the guitar now.

So here’s what happened. One guy said, “Hey, I can sing! Let’s make a band!”

And so, I along with two other amateurs came to form a ‘band’. What’s more, was that our band was like an open-source platform. On the final day, another singer joined along and we actually added a song on our performance day, as if the band wasn’t worse enough.

The Other Guitarist

We’re amateurs alright… and always will remain this way- somehow. But I’ve got to give it to this other guitarist on the band (Also the only other guy in the entire band with a musical instrument), he’s ultimate.

Our band consisted of nothing more than two guitarists and three singers. I was the acoustic guitarist and the other was bass. A little more about my taste- I’m more inclined towards fingerstyle and classical music. He was more into metal.

He wanted us to play Hotel California- Eagles… a song which I knew… and also a song which was entirely new to the other two singers. Technically, if we’d played it, there would be just guitar sounds on the show and nothing else.

Problems guitarists usually face

I’m not certain if this occurs in every part of the world out there, but here when you take your guitar out- every single person looks at it like they’ve never seen one before. It happens every time.

Those who just stand and stare and walk away are pretty tolerable up to a point. But some go wild which could literally stop you from minding your own business. A day before our performance, I and the other guitarist were out lazily leading up with our guitars and thinking about how’d it actually go.

Out of nowhere, three girls popped up out of thin air and asked us to play ’em a song. If you’re a gentleman, it’s simple- play a cliche and get out of it. At first, when one learns how to play, he or she naturally feels elated to show what they learn on it.

But further down the line, taste in the music deepens for each person in the music world. So for a fact, I’m into classical and fingerstyle and the other guy was into metal… this got shitty, didn’t it?

Let’s get it back on track.


The kid with the yellow shirt’s missing though.


Back to the girls, they were still there- expecting something. They seemed like school kids. After an awkward silence and a billion glances with the other guitarist, I stammered- “Whi- which song?”

That’s the level of perfection that I have. I speak normally when no one’s around to speak with… (occasionally), but when someone asks something OUT from me- that’s just trouble for the both of us.

But ta-da! I never organized the clothes in my cupboard right but I do organize the way I learn songs on the guitar. At any point, I usually shall be learning two songs. One entirely for myself. And the other for others. Didn’t get it? If not, that’s alright as well.

Putting it simply- people just don’t like music they don’t understand- why’d you think ‘Shape of You’ is so famous?

Anyway, we came back to the same song ‘Bekhayali’… expected. The other guy who could play the Anesthesia lead on his electric Yamaha had no idea about this simple thingy. I’d learned it as a part of “learn for others.” so… yay, I could play.

The Show

A lot of stuff happened on our way to the performance. We met many people along the way. Or more likely, they met us. Another entire band had some talk with us and a cat came along which was adorable. But that’d be a different story altogether. So let’s skip to the end.

Reva band

You see that cute kid on the left end? That’s me. The initiation of the music was great. Perfect actually. I could feel the anticipation of the crowd go up as the strings plucked for ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic.

The first few seconds were literally perfect…

Then the singer began in an out of tune- out of tempo, unnecessary booming voice… “Lately, I’ve been…”

And so went the entire show. The crowd’s anticipation turned into perplexed expressions and… never mind.

For the sake’ of this article’s mediocre ending, let’s just say I played my part well as a guitarist. :)

…let’s also make an abrupt ending- Goodbye!


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