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Lucky for us, Snoopy Paws Cafe is pretty near to our University. About a 10-15 minute cab ride and we made it there. Though it’s on the outskirts, and nowhere near Central Bangalore, I found it a place worth visiting again.  

I’ll probably go again this month, who knows? Anyway, being a dog lover, I’ll be talking about the dogs first, then food. So if you’re here to know about the food, skip right to it.

Anyway, this is where it is:


I’d never been to a dog’s cafe before. I wasn’t looking forward to it either for that matter, but a bud of mine was finding for one from some time and he found this one close. Well, I was ready to go along because he was going to pay for the cab ride. Technically, I paid it because I had the cash- but he owed me that.

It’s actually pretty fun being owed money from friends… well, that’s another story now, isn’t it? You’ll learn all that if you stay in a hostel.

Talk about Dogs- Carin

Food was secondary to us. We had really come to Snoopy Paws Cafe to play with the cuties. Then we realized they actually charged to let us in the dogs’ fence. Moreover, we were there on a Saturday, a weekend which charged extra. So we decided to pay a couple of bucks more and get some food along with it.

During the waiting time, we were allowed to get in the fence. The moment I got in, a cocker spaniel came to close to me so I knelt down to embrace it… and it turned around and ran away. Later I got to know that its name was Carin and it kept running around in circles, avoiding everyone.

There was so much energy in Carin. So much that it had no idea where it was headed. When thrown a tennis ball to it, it took a long time to find out that the ball lied right in front of it. It was the most amusing thing I’d seen. And then there were the huskies.

The Huskies

When I saw their site, it mentioned there were three huskies. But I just met Bella and Blossom. I’m not sure if it was Blossom, but I clearly remember Bella. For one, Bella was definitely the most energetic one- not to mention possessive. The moment she got a tennis ball, she wouldn’t return it! And then the other husky was a lazy one with an IDGAF attitude. Or at least when we were there.

It just lay down there in the middle of the lawn, huffing while the rest of the dogs ran around it.

The other Doggies

Bond, the Saint bernard was there alright, except it was kept locked up in its cage for some reason. And then there was Shadow with a stallion-like posture. A very healthy retriever if you ask me. I do remember seeing the pugs, however, that memory is unfortunately faint. Did I mention I forget a lot?

We still weren’t tired of playing when they called us out for the food. And off we went.

Food: The Pasta

The heading was supposed to be ironic just in case. But all we ordered was pasta. It had a long name on the menu and we assumed that this would take a long time to prepare. The longer the time to prepare, the more we could play with the dogs. We planned it all out before we went in, of course.

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But to the point, the pasta was damn delicious! We just ordered a single bowl of it, around 250 rupees – but it was enough for both of us guys. Well, I ate a little more obviously. And that was it for our evening.

Playing with dogs just before sunset and then having a finger-licking good meal after, what more could one want for a fine evening? Now, even had the hint of a thought of visiting Snoopy Paws Cafe? I don’t think you should stop!

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