Sony MDR XB75AP Review (Ultimate latest updates)

sony mdr xb75ap review
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Sony MDRXB75AP – Earphones for EDM and Hip-hop fans, the Sony XB75AP is part of the Xtra Bass lineup of Sony products. I personally own an XB40 wireless speaker and an XB70AP as well (me a bass head).

This Sony MDR XB75AP review will also help you to differentiate between the 70 and the 75 models as there is, I feel, a tangible difference between them. Now, let’s cut to the juicy stuff.

Source : Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (Android 9.0, Pixel Experience + Ainur Sauron MKIII)

All files are MP3 320, minimum.

Players used: Poweramp (paid), Spotify Premium (Ultra quality setting)

Sony MDR XB75AP review: Xtra Bass and its Design

The packaging screams Xtra Bass, giving you hints as to what is to come. Although this might be a bit of a turn-off for audiophiles, who would rather prefer a balanced tuning, this earphone aims at the EDM crowd.

However, the earphones are pretty big, as they house a 12mm driver each. The outside features an aluminum finish with a concentric circular pattern. A bass duct lies between the outside and the inner nozzle. These are not a set of earphones that you can take for activities, like say, cycling, or for sleeping.

And when I said you can’t take them for cycling, I meant these don’t have a zero figure and hence can cause wind sound is audible.

sony mdr xb75ap review
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Sony MDR XB75AP review

Dive deep, shall we?

Sony MDR XB75AP review: The wires boast to be tangle-free and have serrations along their length. In my usage, I found that they are prone to tangling if I store them in the pouch. (I don’t store them neatly in it, I just stash them inside it.) Your mileage can vary.

The nozzles are angled for a better fit and the L/R earphones are clearly marked right next to the nozzles (R is marked in red). There are stress relievers on both sides and the left earbud’s stress reliever has a small raised dot to help you locate it in the dark(after a while you can locate the left and right sides eyes closed).

About the microphone

The microphone and inline remote are on the left earpiece’s wire, which comes to my chest level when I’m using the earphones. The inline remote has a single button and is standard one press for calls/music play/pause and double-tap to skip a song – you wanted a Sony MDR xb75ap review, now you’re going to get every detail!

The microphone is of a very good quality and the people I called reported no problems with it. It is very clear and good. The 3.5mm jack is gold-plated for longevity and is L – shaped. A chin slider though provided isn’t completely usable as it starts from the L/R splitter and ends at the inline remote.

Three sets of silicone tips are provided in the box. I used the largest one. The tip size one uses matters as the bass is in the fitting of the earphones. A poorly fit and poorly isolating earphones will fail to provide the best bass.

Considering buying the Sony MDR – XB75AP? Its stock is currently available on Amazon – buy it today! It’s available at a great deal.

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Another alternative to Sony MDRXb75AP review:

Bass, Bass, and more Bass!

Sound-wise, the power that this pack is evident in first impressions, but this is the tip of the iceberg. The bass (the talking point of these earphones) is around the same level as of, say, a Skullcandy Smokin` Buds 2. In tracks with lots of basses (eg. Aqua Drop by Triboss), it is evident that the XB75AP does pack some punch. However, I felt that it wasn’t showing me its full prowess.

That’s the reason I use Poweramp. Its 10 band equalizer along with bass and treble knobs and the limiter function has helped me squeeze the full extent of the XB75AP’s power.

I increased the 31 Hz band fully and upped the treble a bit. Result? The monster is out of the closet! With the EQ tuned to my liking, the Sony XB75AP is an absolute BEAST, with rumbling bass that vibrates and massages my inner ear.

It’s incredibly powerful in sub-bass  (and bass in general). In tracks like Shell Shocked by Wiz Khalifa, the bass feels incredible and theatre-like.

A bit of Distortion

While distortion does exist, it exists at close to max volume (which in my Zenfone Max Pro M1, is VERY LOUD). You wouldn’t be listening at max volume anyway, as it gets uncomfortable (obviously). So, there’s that.

The max I could get to without distortion is around 80% volume. And, the bass does NOT distort at this volume, even with Poweramp’s limiter feature turned OFF, on bass-heavy tracks. That goes to show just how powerful these buds are – a bit too powerful for regular folks.

Manas Patil, the owner of this website, once tested these with the EQ at my setting and actually yanked the buds out when the beat dropped, which goes on to emphasize the bass-o-Phile nature this has and that bass lovers will dig it. Yep, just had to include this fact on my Sony MDR XB75AP review.

sony mdr xb75ap review
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Sony MDR xb75AP review:  It is amazing for bass lovers and ideal for an EDM crowd. It’s worth its price. It isn’t however built for outdoor activities like cycling.

The soundstage is a bit less (it’s an earphone after all, what were you expecting). On the other hand, there is less clarity in the treble. Now, this isn’t a muddy bass-only thing – the treble is very much present – but the lower treble /higher mids have a recessed presence compared to the rest of the spectrum.

Overall, these are excellent earphones for the price (3500 Rs. when bought) and provide incredible aural experiences for their size. So that would conclude my Sony MDR- XB75AP review for now. This Sony MDR-XB75AP review is applicable for Indonesia as well.

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